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Super mix and match style, simple, IKEA, American countryside, northern Europe, Mediterranean ha-ha! A lot of styles. The hard cover is 85000 in total. It's clean, which is about the same as the budget. Let the pictures speak for the final effect

the original house type was three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, and now it is a four bedroom, two living rooms, two bathrooms and one cloakroom; Area: 141 square meters; The style is a super mix and match -- simple, IKEA, American countryside, northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The commencement date is October 21, 2008, and the completion date of hard installation is February 28, 2009. The soft installation has been improving; The budget is 70000 yuan, and the package is cleared; The actual cost of hard decoration is 69000, and furniture and household appliances are 15000 so far

living room





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