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On January 10, at the second general meeting of Guangdong new third board Corporation Association, the selection results of the honorary title of "excellent entrepreneur of new third board" were officially released, and Mr. Wang Changhai, chairman of Asia Pacific Tianneng intelligent lock, won the honor

in order to carry forward the spirit of reform and entrepreneurship, enterprises are encouraged to make use of the capital market to become bigger and stronger

on January 10, the selection results of the honorary title of "excellent entrepreneur of the new third board" were officially released at the second general meeting of the Guangdong new Third Board Company Association

Mr. Wang Changhai, chairman of Asia Pacific Tianneng, was selected as "excellent entrepreneur of the new third board" after comprehensive evaluation by the association, the sponsor securities companies and relevant departments

the award of this honorary title is not only a tribute to Mr. Wang Changhai's entrepreneurial spirit of being the first and working hard, but also a recognition of the strong enterprise strength of Asia Pacific Tianneng

Asia Pacific Tianneng entered the capital market in 2015 (Stock Code: 833559), becoming the first public company in the domestic smart door lock industry

since the introduction of the layering system in the new third board, Asia Pacific Tianneng has always been at the innovation level of the new third board, which fully shows that the achievements made by Asia Pacific Tianneng in business development, enterprise management, corporate governance structure and other aspects have been recognized by the market and regulators

the words "dare to be the first and work hard" have been integrated into the DNA of Asia Pacific Tianneng enterprises

in 2018, the competition in the smart lock industry was intense, with the influx of multi industry giants. Asia Pacific Tianneng made use of its own advantages to layout a new round of changes

in July 2018, take the lead in launching and implementing the new retail strategy

in October 2018, the first batch of 500 stores in China were integrated into the new retail system

on the double National Day of 2018, tmall flagship store, flagship store and official wechat mall launched a new model of online ordering, offline store response in 30 minutes, door-to-door installation in 24 hours, and satisfactory re payment, which became the first in the industry

in December 2018, the intelligent clothes dryer production line was launched to expand the profit space of offline stores

in January 2019, the intelligent upgrading and image upgrading plan of terminal stores was launched...

the wind of the times, dare to be the first! Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Changhai, Asia Pacific Tianneng will continue to break through itself.

on the one hand, it will take users as the core, constantly seek innovation in models, and achieve win-win results for all parties.

on the other hand, it will continue to grow and become stronger with the help of the capital market.

Asia Pacific Tianneng, the future is expected

source: Asia Pacific Tianneng official account




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