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During a recent visit to the market, I found that the overall wardrobe market has obviously recovered, especially the intimidation and coercion of the price rise since last year, which has raised the market heat of the wardrobe industry to a certain extent. However, the wardrobe enterprises feel that they are not optimistic. Most of them are "the market is OK" and "there is still a gap with the same period last year". It is understood that although most wardrobe enterprises have no problem in balancing production and sales, the inventory in the past can not be digested much, far from reaching the "hot" level. In fact, the wardrobe market is not as optimistic as people expect, and there are more dangers and hidden worries behind the "good market". Wardrobe enterprises should control the quality of products and join dewell with customized furniture

the market is still not ideal, and the operating risk of wardrobe enterprises has increased significantly.

"the current market is OK. At present, the daily sales volume is 1.5 times the output, but it is not ideal". An insider of a wardrobe brand told reporters that it is not popular now, which is worse than this time in previous years

generally speaking, the market of wardrobe enterprises is relatively good in the spring. There are many reasons for the unsatisfactory market this year. According to Dong Xingshu's analysis, affected by the domestic economic downturn, it is difficult for the rural market to recover to the booming state of a few years ago. Under the situation of weak market, most dealers take a wait-and-see attitude. On the one hand, they want to find powerful manufacturers to cooperate, so as to maintain the timely supply of goods and the sustainability of cooperation; On the other hand, the dealers are hesitant to face the increasing prices of manufacturers due to high costs

the increasing number of adverse factors has made the industry situation more severe.

according to the analysis of relevant people, in the past two years, overcapacity, heavy pressure on environmental protection, rising costs and other adverse factors have been superimposed, which not only makes the industry situation tighter, but also significantly increases the operational risk of wardrobe enterprises

the sales situation is more severe. As the strength, products and anti risk ability of each enterprise are different, their feelings about the market are also different. In the survey, some enterprises fell into the dilemma of "no profit without price rise, and unable to sell with price rise". Some enterprises admitted that although the market is OK, some wardrobe enterprises still do not produce. If these enterprises resume production, not only the market will cool down, but also the sales volume will be significantly reduced

environmental protection has become the norm. According to the 2017 work plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas, Shijiazhuang in Hebei, Jincheng in Shanxi, Zibo in Shandong and Anyang and Hebi in Henan have been identified as air pollution transmission channel cities in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, and these jurisdictions have important ceramic production areas in the North, which also shows that wardrobe enterprises will bear greater pressure on environmental protection, especially in the case of important events and pollution warning, production suspension and production restriction are inevitable

the capital chain is more fragile. A person in charge of wardrobe enterprises told reporters that under the current economic situation, the financing difficulties of wardrobe enterprises are particularly prominent. Once some financial institutions recover the loan, they will not lend again, or put forward harsh conditions such as asset mortgage, which puts the capital chain of wardrobe enterprises in a dangerous situation. At the same time, under the situation of rising raw materials, some suppliers are no longer willing to supply raw materials to poor enterprises, forcing these enterprises to purchase with cash. In addition, the inventory increase caused by poor sales is testing the capital chain of wardrobe enterprises. If you are careless, you will be in trouble

some insiders pointed out that this is not the most difficult time for wardrobe enterprises. This sales boom may last until May and June. After this peak season, the market will gradually fall back, the sales volume will also drop sharply, and the wardrobe enterprises will fall into a more difficult situation. For the off-season market in the future, most wardrobe enterprises have also put forward countermeasures, and product diversification has become the choice of many wardrobe industries

in general, the future market will be more brutal, forming a diversified product structure, promoting product upgrading, improving product quality, and developing new products. Wardrobe enterprises can only work hard on enriching products and production management, and then take optimizing product structure and reducing production costs as the basis for enterprise development, then the future path of enterprises will be longer

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