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You know what is “ Water decoration ” Is it? A few days ago, a Mr. Liu called the reporter and complained that the new home was decorated in 2007, and there was no water treatment at that time. But now he found that the water quality was really bad, and there were impurities after boiling, so he wanted to ask how about installing water purification equipment

so, what is “ Water decoration ” And? According to the introduction, “ Water decoration ” At the same time of home decoration and decoration, according to the water quality of water supply, the relevant water treatment equipment is designed and equipped at the appropriate position of the household water supply pipeline, so as to improve the quality of domestic drinking water and domestic water, and achieve the standard of high-quality drinking water and high-quality water. With the improvement of people's living standards in Chuncheng, people pay more attention to health and high-quality life details. The person in charge of a water purification brand told reporters that although “ Water decoration ” It is just emerging in Changchun, but he is very confident in the market prospect, because this is certainly an inevitable trend

it is understood that there are many brands of such water treatment equipment in Changchun. According to the relevant person in charge of a home appliance store in Changchun, there are more than a dozen brands of water treatment equipment in the store at present, and the acceptance of consumers is not bad. And because it is simple and easy to operate, it is usually necessary to install a device at the entrance of the water supply pipeline, and the cost is generally more than 2000 yuan. The person in charge said that the working principle of water purification equipment must be understood when purchasing

pure water can be received from the tap water pipe. A consumer surnamed Hu who installed water treatment equipment told reporters that he felt really good and convenient. Insiders believe that “ Water decoration ” It will become another new decoration hot spot in 2008, and will be concerned by more decoration families




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