How to disassemble the rolling bearing

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How to disassemble the rolling bearing

I. percussion method the percussion force is generally added to the inner ring of the bearing. The average value of the percussion force in the shielding machine room should not be added to the rolling element and cage of the bearing. This method is simple and easy, but it is easy to damage the bearing. When the bearing is located at the end of the shaft, use a copper rod or other soft metal material smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing to hold the shaft end. Add a cushion block at the lower part of the bearing, and gently knock it with a hammer to remove it. When applying this method, it should be noted that the position of the cushion block should be appropriate and the force point should be correct

II. Pull out method

special puller is used. During disassembly, as long as the handle is rotated, the bearing will be slowly pulled out. When removing the outer ring of the bearing, the corners of the two legs of the puller shall be opened outward; When removing the bearing inner race, the two legs of the puller should warm up to the international market and be stuck on the end face of the bearing inner race


1. Hook the puller to the inner ring of the bearing instead of the outer ring to avoid excessive loosening or damage of the bearing

2. It basically constitutes a characteristic industry dominated by automobile and parts, high-end equipment manufacturing, high-end electronic information and high-tech services. When using pullers, the screw rod shall be aligned with the central hole of the shaft and shall not be skewed. Pay attention to the stress of the hook and bearing, and do not damage the hook and bearing

3. Pay attention to prevent the hook from slipping

4. The bending angle of the two legs of the puller is less than 90 °

III. pushing method

press the bearing with a press to ensure stable and reliable operation without damaging the machine and bearing shielding machine room. The press has manual pushing, mechanical or hydraulic pushing

for individual adjustment and repair precautions: the force point of the press shall be on the center of the shaft, and shall not be biased

IV. hot disassembly method

is used to disassemble tightly fitted bearings. First, pour the engine oil heated to about 100 ℃ on the bearing to be removed with an oil pot. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller


1. First, install the puller on the bearing to be removed and apply a certain tension

2. Before heating, wrap the shaft with asbestos rope or thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from thermal expansion, otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble. When disassembling the bearing from the bearing housing hole, only the bearing housing hole can be heated, not the bearing

3. When pouring oil, the shielding machine room shall pour the oil pot on the bearing ring or rolling element steadily, and place an oil basin under it to collect the hot oil to avoid waste and scalding

4. Operators shall wear asbestos gloves to prevent scalding

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