How to develop packaging and printing enterprises

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How to develop packaging and printing enterprises in the face of WTO (Part 2)

the author believes that the following aspects should be achieved in the employment:

1. Trust. It is beneficial to the country, the people and the enterprise to encourage others to give full play to their talents and wisdom within the scope of their work, not to distrust them due to jealousy, and to give full play to everyone's work potential

2. Understanding. This is a very important aspect. Understanding others is the key to reaching consensus. In case of problems, people should start from reality, understand the difficulties of others' work, consider the advantages and strengths of others, and think about the actions of others to the advantage. With mutual understanding and support, the enterprise will naturally form a joint force to promote and do a good job

3. Respect. Respect for others is the embodiment of the level of ideological cultivation, respect for others' personality, and respect for others' opinions and suggestions. The spring testing machine of our company is a sincere treatment for others to test the displacement in strict accordance with Japanese standards. We should carefully listen to the opinions different from our own ideas. We should never be self righteous, be the first in the world, or scold others, "Challenge" with subordinates. Only when you respect others can you really be respected by others.

4. Care. Caring for others is more important than caring for yourself, and understand the difficulties of others (work, life, family) , giving necessary help can increase the centripetal force of enterprise employees and make them better contribute to the enterprise

5. Attention. Pay attention to others' work achievements, their work and knowledge ability, and give them appropriate and appropriate work within their capabilities according to their strengths, so that they can realize their position in the collective, which will make them work more seriously and responsibly

6. Cultivation and examination. People's abilities are different, but they can be improved in training. Only through the exercise of work practice can they keep forging ahead and achieve the goal of improvement. Examination is also an important part of finding talents, which can not be ignored. The continuous improvement of quality is an important manifestation of the prosperity of our career. We can change our spirit into material, give full play to our potential in ordinary work and make extraordinary achievements

in an enterprise, if leaders and employees can understand, care, respect and support each other, they can promote the development of the enterprise. If the above points are achieved, everyone will be in the same boat when the enterprise has difficulties. The human problem has been solved. In addition, with today's high-tech investment, scientific management procedures, Mechatronics (Automation) of machinery and equipment, and civilized production in the working environment, such enterprises will develop at a high speed

III. improve management level

an enterprise management is the key, management is productivity, management produces benefits and management produces reputation

enterprise management is the embodiment of comprehensive abilities in many aspects. Enterprise management includes: personnel management, financial management, operation management, logistics management, technology management, process management, production management, site management, safety management, etc. However, the above management should be incorporated into scientific, standardized and standardized management. Management should not be nominal but effective. The division of labor in management is not divided. There are not many people. Instead, it is necessary to be specialized in many areas and be able to cooperate with each other. Management is the embodiment of the team level

the packaging and printing industry has improved rapidly in recent ten years. Since most of the production enterprises were workshop type production management before the founding of the people's Republic of China, there are still a certain number of enterprises that have not changed or completely changed the workshop type management mode. This is a major subject. Practice has proved that the development of productivity has been affected if this problem is not solved. The management is nonstandard, there is no standard, and there is one management mode for each leader, which is lack of consistency, affecting the stable development of the enterprise. With the rapid development of science, it has entered the era of computer system management. Strengthening computer management can improve work efficiency and management level, reduce reactive labor, reduce management levels and reduce the number of management personnel, so that some personnel can use the positions that can play a role. It is very important to improve economic efficiency and reduce enterprise costs. At the same time, it can also solve the problems of insufficient personnel and excessive work imbalance. In terms of management, we should take the total quality management as the basis, strengthen the standardized and standardized management, and constantly improve our management level. In terms of management, we should have high efficiency, high quality and high reputation

management should be strictly organized with rules to follow; Clear division of labor, on duty, unity and cooperation; Quality first, reputation first, keep improving; Management shall be in place. 8. If there are signs of crushing on the arc surface of the clip after long-term use, the clip shall be replaced, with clear rewards and penalties and the survival of the fittest

IV. taking product quality as the leading factor

it is very clear that "packaging and printing" products are developing with the progress of society. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural life, we must constantly improve the quality level. "Packaging and printing" is a service-oriented industry that mainly supports products from all walks of life. The continuous progress of society has promoted the rapid development of "packaging and printing". In the market competition, good product quality is the key to win customers' trust. From a professional point of view, the quality is good. The requirements for "packaging and printing" are "vivid images, rich layers of prints, accurate overprint and even ink color". A good "packaging and printing" product not only has the function of protecting and publicizing the product (practicality), but also has ornamental, artistic and collection value. Packaging printed matter has become a part of beautifying people's life

good quality of "packaging and printing" products is the most basic requirement for "packaging and printing" by the society and the market. It is also the key for enterprises to survive, occupy the market, expand services and develop themselves. "Packaging and printing" grasps the market and customers by focusing on product quality

practice has proved that the stable improvement of the product quality of "packaging and printing" is not a simple problem, but an eternal subject. It is an inevitable and clear goal for every enterprise. It can not be accomplished just by thinking and saying, but it needs the joint efforts of all employees of an enterprise to give full play to their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. For this common goal, in the process of production and processing, everyone strives for this common goal in different positions under the restriction of this common goal, to ensure the stable improvement of the product quality of "packaging and printing", and to achieve "good" is to grasp the root and the leader

v. market oriented

packaging and printing is a service industry. We should establish the concept of serving the whole society in terms of ideology and concept. What the society needs our enterprises to do, we should provide good services according to the needs of the society. From the perspective of the development process of international packaging printing, we should establish the concept of big printing. We should try our best to serve customers well so as to occupy a place in the market. Only in this way can we get development in the competition and create first-class economic and social benefits in the competition

only by taking the market as the guide can we continuously improve and improve our services, adapt to the overall needs of social development, and keep the enterprise in the process of continuous progress and development

information source: China's printing market

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