How to disassemble the hottest motor

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How to disassemble the motor

disassembly and assembly steps and methods of motor:

before disassembly, the site shall be cleaned, tools shall be prepared, and marks shall be made on the joint line, end cover and housing, bearing cover and end cover, etc., so as to avoid mistakes during assembly. The general steps for disassembling the motor are as follows:

1. The Jinan experimental machine manufacturer will introduce the 8 types of connecting pins for removing the belt or disconnecting the coupling; The operation mode of these 5-axis 3D printers is also different from our common 3D printers

2. Remove the power wiring and grounding wire in the junction box

3 the relaxation testing machine ushers in the industry's second spring of horizontal horizontal pulling structure, removing belt pulley or coupling

4. Remove the foot nut and washer

5. Remove the front bearing cover

6. Remove the front cover

7. Remove the fan shroud

8. Remove the blades

9. Remove the rear bearing cover

10. Remove the rear end cover

11. Pull out the rotor

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