How to develop the leadership of managers 3

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How to cultivate managers' Leadership (3)

but the parameters used are inappropriate

effectively "motivate subordinates" to strengthen leadership

the key to the cultivation and play of leaders' leadership lies in whether subordinates can understand and effectively implement your leadership style and leadership skills, and positively export to developed countries, mainly encourage subordinates at the middle and low end, so that their performance can reflect leadership is a very important link. Motivation is the driving force that guides you to achieve a certain goal. This driving force makes you more willing to actively invest, makes you more ambitious and creative, and motivation can improve your performance. Simply put, performance = motivation × Ability, the leader should make the incentive produce the maximum performance. In addition to improving the incentive driving force, he should also improve the ability of his subordinates. When motivating the subordinates, they should also assist the subordinates to remove obstacles in their work, improve their work processes, and give them sufficient training to enhance their abilities and maximize their effectiveness. The method of motivating a cannot motivate storer to express motivating B. the same person also needs to change different incentive methods. The use of limited resources will become an effective way for subordinates to offset the incentive effect when they feel uncomfortable. Leaders must break through the challenges to continuously motivate their subordinates and drive the high morale of the Department

your incentive strategy is to meet the different needs of the subordinates to motivate the subordinates. Reward the behaviors agreed by the Department to motivate the subordinates through daily management. Formulate some incentive methods to motivate the subordinates and arouse their demand strategies

for many leaders, many of their subordinates lack knowledge, ability and willingness to work, which leads to the need for leaders to solve human problems with strong leadership. In exploring the causes of formation, we must explore from a broader perspective to find out the key causes and core problems, which is also the most difficult step in dealing with people's problems. The most important thing to deal with the dissatisfaction of subordinates' needs is to sincerely care about the subordinates, listen to their appeals, help remove the obstacles of dissatisfaction, and eliminate the misunderstanding caused by unclear understanding of the situation

subordinates' personal emotional problems will also emerge in an endless stream. In fact, it is the same as the problem-solving steps we take in dealing with other affairs. For example, the grievances and dissatisfaction of subordinates need to be solved through: 1. Create an occasion for all employees to communicate once a month; 2. Entrust others to preside over the meeting instead; 3. Direct interview with subordinates

leaders need to face a lot of problems in the process of leadership and the cultivation and display of leadership. However, as long as they find suitable methods through cultivation, improve their ability to solve problems, lead their own team, and coordinate with other departments to solve problems of ability and willingness, they can remind themselves of the cultivation and accumulation of leadership at any time, The maximum force that the fixture of the hydraulic universal testing machine can bear must be greater than or equal to the maximum experimental force of the host machine, and the leader's leadership will be effectively improved imperceptibly

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