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How to develop raw material industry with high quality? Wangjiangping: how to develop the raw material industry with high quality by focusing on the three insistences? Wangjiangping: focus on three insistences

April 25, 2019

how can the raw material industry achieve high-quality development? At the 2019 Symposium on raw material industry held in Nanjing recently, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, gave the answer of "three insistences". We should focus on improving the supply level, promoting intrinsic safety and green development, and improve the quality of development; Adhere to the breakthrough of exploring intelligent manufacturing and improving reasonable spatial layout to improve development efficiency; Adhere to the core of realizing innovation driven and changing scale expansion development, and enhance the driving force for development

wangjiangping said that at present, some industries still have serious overcapacity, and even emerging fields such as lithium salts and ternary material precursors also have phased excess coatings. There are obvious weaknesses in product structure and service quality. Low-end homogeneous products are piled up in groups, and high-end differentiated products are rare. The stability, reliability and durability of the quality of many large-scale and wide-ranging materials are still far from the downstream requirements. Most of the product services remain at the stage of production and marketing docking and simple after-sales service. In addition, the concept of enterprise intrinsic safety has been seriously weakened. Jinan assaying has changed the main functions of the experimental machine, such as changing the torque, changing the angle to digital display, adopting the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder) for angle measurement, and automatically correcting the angular displacement of the torque sensor. The machine also has the functions of peak holding, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query, and manual loading. The Industrial Park lacks a professional management system The foundation of safety and environmental protection is weak, and the intrinsic safety of enterprises and the management level of the park need to be improved. In this case, the high-quality development of the raw material industry should focus on the "three insistences"

first, we should focus on improving the supply level, promoting intrinsic safety and green development, and improve the quality of development

in promoting the formation of high-quality, efficient and diversified supply, we should focus on the demand in key areas and increase the development of new material industry; Through transformation and upgrading, reduce the impact of human factors on quality control, and improve the quality stability, reliability and durability of raw materials; Establish a quality centered brand system, consolidate the foundation of brand development, and lead and create high-end demand

in terms of promoting the improvement of the quality and safety level of the test mode selection, it is necessary to promote enterprises to adopt new processes and technologies for transformation, carry out intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and continuously improve the intrinsic safety level; Strengthen the construction of safety standardization system and introduce HSE and other advanced management concepts; Strengthen and improve the specialized safety management system of the park, clarify the safety management specifications of the park, and support the transformation and upgrading of the industrial park

at the same time, we should accelerate the popularization, application and comprehensive popularization of advanced, applicable, mature and reliable energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, and actively promote green development; Vigorously promote the coupling development among petrochemical, non-ferrous metal, building materials, rare earth and other industries, and give full play to the multiple functions of material manufacturing, energy conversion and waste absorption

second, we should adhere to the exploration of intelligent manufacturing and the improvement of reasonable spatial layout (3) break the operating distance and improve the development efficiency

we should promote the process of transforming traditional industries with a new generation of information technology, explore the demonstration scenarios of industrial interconnection of raw material industries, and promote the improvement of total factor productivity; It is necessary to actively explore the application of artificial intelligence in key links, build an intelligent quality control system for the whole production process, indicating that the lower the shore hardness, and improve the detection rate of defective products and quality management level; The operation and maintenance early warning system shall be developed to realize intelligent diagnosis and early fault detection of production equipment; Deepen the integrated application of intelligent technology in the whole production process of raw material industry to realize equipment optimization and continuous and stable production

in terms of improving the rational spatial layout, especially in the relocation and reconstruction of hazardous chemical enterprises in densely populated urban areas, we should give full play to the key role of the allocation of all factors such as environmental protection, energy and logistics. In the process of relocation and in guiding the implementation of merger and reorganization, we will resolutely not engage in "matchmaking"

third, we should adhere to the core of realizing innovation driven and changing the scale expansion development, and enhance the development power

it is necessary to promote the whole system and whole scene innovation from basic research to innovative design and to product design through multi form service innovation and cultivation of innovation subjects. This needs to give full play to the role of industrial design and work procedures in the industrial transformation of innovative achievements, and cultivate leading enterprises for the integrated development of basic research, industrial research and industrial production; We should make use of the manufacturing innovation center and other projects to allocate more innovation resources to powerful large enterprises to enhance their internal vitality and sustainable development ability; It is necessary to focus on application innovation and cultivate a number of "small giant" enterprises specializing in special new products and "single champion" enterprises focusing on segmentation fields; Make use of industrial interconnection to create a platform enterprise for sharing industrial resources, and concentrate advantageous and innovative resources to solve the problem of insufficient technology guidance; Give full play to the role of industrial funds and strengthen the connection between scientific research and industry

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