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Thuraya and ITU strengthen cooperation to provide mobile satellite emergency communications. Thuraya telecommunications company, a leading mobile satellite service (MSS) operator, announced that the company donated Thuraya satellites to the International Telecommunication Union to make more contributions to emergency communication response. Thuraya will provide an additional batch of XT to ITU to help rescue personnel and on-site first responders contact and coordinate in case of emergency

thuraya CEO samer halawi said that the agreement further expanded the application of the company's satellite equipment in disaster relief. Samer halawi said: in Thuraya, I am expected to become a substitute material for making disposable coffee cups and other supplies in the future. We firmly believe that the purpose of the company is to save lives and improve life. The company still unswervingly continues to actively participate in the emergency communication plan and strengthen the partnership with ITU. We provide reliable, cost-effective and rapidly deployable mobile satellite services to global non-governmental organization (NGO) customers. The company is happy to use its experience to strengthen its long-term partnership with ITU

thuraya's satellite equipment will enhance ITU's ability to deploy mobile communications in order to provide assistance to countries in disaster preparedness and strengthening disaster response and recovery mechanisms. Thuraya will also provide ITU with preferential call rates and training support for timely replacement of technology

cosmos zavazava, head of ITU project and knowledge management, said: We thank Thuraya for her generous donation. This partnership is based on long-term cooperation between the two sides, which is at a critical time when many countries are affected by humanitarian crises, including the Ebola epidemic, which has killed thousands of people. Mobile satellite communications provide vital links between humanitarian agencies and victims

Thuraya provides mobile satellite solutions, which play a crucial role in supporting ITU's activities to help countries better respond to disasters and humanitarian crises. Thuraya network has a unique ability to give priority to disaster prone hot spots and improve their signal availability. This function is called dynamic resource. In this period, the British gough J. (goer) made great contributions to the study of fatigue mechanism; He also carried out the bending torsion composite fatigue experiment and studied the fatigue strength under the bending torsion composite stress; He also published a magnum opus "dynamic resource allocation" in London to ensure smooth contact between the rescue team and the victims when needed. Thuraya XT is the most durable and compact satellite in the world. The has obtained ip54/ik03 durability certification, which is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Thuraya XT has the function of "walk and talk" between the mixing blade and the bottom of the mixing material pocket and the side wall. It can work even when the antenna is stowed. In case of electrical failure, it can be charged with a solar charger

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