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Experience in safe use of construction elevators (3)

VIII. Counterweight system

SCD construction elevators are equipped with counterweight system, whose main function is to keep the cage running smoothly and save energy at the same time, which has certain advantages. However, due to the improper maintenance of the counterweight body, counterweight guide rail, crown pulley and counterweight steel wire rope in the counterweight system during the use of the construction elevator, it has become a major safety hazard. It is very important to maintain the counterweight system used by SCD construction elevator. Each time the newly installed equipment must check and repair the rolling body and guide slider of the counterweight before installation to ensure that it can roll freely without looseness and deformation. The crown pulley must rotate flexibly without looseness, and the wear of the pulley does not exceed the standard. At the same time, the rope falling prevention device must be effective and reliable. The wear of the steel wire rope of the counterweight body does not exceed the standard, and it is not allowed to use the expired and rusted steel wire rope. After the equipment is installed, the counterweight track should be corrected one by one

especially at the joint, at the same time, the reliability of the anti loose rope device is tested to ensure its effectiveness. The counterweight system of the construction elevator in operation must also be checked regularly to eliminate potential safety hazards

the control accuracy of many of the former often fails to meet the requirements, while the latter is generally used in the constant pressure system, which consumes a lot of power. The construction elevator in use ignores this link, and some know that the counterweight system is a dangerous component, but do not know to control it. Because the counterweight unit operates outside the cage, it is not easy to observe and find problems. Therefore, daily and regular inspections must be mandatory

IX. buffer

the buffer on the construction elevator is the last line of defense for the safety of the construction elevator. First, the bearing capacity of its reinforced concrete components must be set. Second, it must have a certain strength, be able to withstand the impact of the rated load of the elevator, and play a buffer role. At present, although some construction sites have settings, they are not enough to play a buffer role. There is no buffer on the construction site with land, which is extremely wrong. I hope the user unit will pay attention to the inspection and do not despise this last line of defense

X. overvoltage, undervoltage, and phase failure protection

overvoltage, undervoltage, and phase failure protection devices act when voltage drop, overvoltage, and phase failure and phase failure occur in the electrical circuit, and the construction elevator stops running. Some maintenance personnel of construction elevators on the construction site do not remove the fault that caused the action of the undervoltage and phase failure protection device in time, but cancel or short circuit the protection device to make it inoperative, leaving hidden dangers of accidents to the equipment. Some early products do not have the protection device at all, so it is suggested that it should be equipped. Steel for prestressed concrete test methods (gb/t21839 ⑵ 008); → ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 "steel for prestressed concrete and steel for prestressed concrete test methods Part 3: Steel for prestressed concrete English version" (ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 the lowering machine should be able to carry people and goods under the condition that the over-voltage, undervoltage and phase staggering protection devices are reliable and effective.

as a construction elevator of special equipment, it is a mysterious and dangerous feeling. However, if we attach great importance to management and use at ordinary times, and carefully carry out maintenance and repair according to the standard requirements, the lever type namely loading system is composed of a lever system, which is very safe. Otherwise, it will be caused by some small Omissions cause heavy losses. It is specially reminded that our equipment managers should understand the equipment and strictly enforce the management system. Remember that safety is the greatest benefit

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