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Introduction to the experience of purchasing customized micro air pump

as an oxygen analyzer, we need a micro vacuum pump with an extraction flow of 1.8l/min, which is required to operate continuously at full load for at least nine months. We have been using the products of Chengdu Qihai company to prevent the production and processing of commercial products that exceed the requirements of mechanical equipment, such as diameter, number and rotating speed ratio of mechanical equipment, but they have no ready-made products to meet our needs. Selected a number of domestic products for testing, some can still operate continuously for a long time, but it is easy to fail. Although the service life is long, the reliability is too poor, and the failure probability of continuously improving the core competitiveness of enterprises during the service life is high, which is not easy to use. The rogue tried to contact Chengdu Qihai to see if he could customize a 1.8l/min long-life pump for us. It's OK to order two! Cool. They customized PK products according to our requirements, with 12V and flow rate of 1.8l/min. Now about 200 sets have been used in batches, with long service life. The key is high reliability and basically no failure within the service life. In fact, if they don't meet the specifications you require, you can completely ask them to customize, because they are professional micropumps, with a large number of specifications and models, and a wide variety of parts. It is possible to replace a kind of arrangement and combination to meet your needs. There are only minor changes in the price. If it's not as dynamic as you think, you have to invest in mold fees

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