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Experience in the use of Heidelberg M600 commercial rotary machine

nowadays, people's requirements for printed matter are gradually increasing, and the processing cycle is required to be shorter and shorter. Commercial rotary offset press meets people's requirements for high quality and efficiency. In the actual use of Heidelberg M600 commercial wheel machine, I have summed up a bit of experience for colleagues to provide unique sensory characteristics

1. avoidance of moisture absorption and fracture of paper tape

the paper tape fracture mentioned here does not mean that the paper tape suddenly breaks from somewhere in normal printing, but refers to that in hot summer, when the plate is stopped and changed, due to the high external temperature, the matrix and fiber have complex internal interactions, and the surface temperature of the cooling roller of the commercial rotary machine is low, so a lot of water condenses on its surface, and the paper tape on the surface of the cooling roller is soon soaked by the condensed water, The paper tape is easy to break here when the machine is turned on again

after several attempts, a solution was found. More than ten minutes before the version change, turn off the refrigeration system first. When the version change is stopped, because the internal and external temperature difference is not large, there will be no condensate on the surface of the cooling roller, which will not cause the paper tape to absorb water and break easily

2. Troubleshooting of stoppage

when printing 880mm octave printing at one time, the folding edge is required to be staggered by 1cm on the process sheet to receive the post. When printing after adjusting according to the process requirements, the stoppage fault occurs as soon as the machine speed rises to 20000 sheets/hour, and it occurs at the belt on the upper part of the lower paper flower bar every time

at first, the operator thought that the tightness of both sides of the belt was inconsistent, resulting in the inconsistent falling speed of both sides of the page post. After adjusting the tightness of the belt, he started the machine again, but it did not improve; Change the position of the page post and the belt so that the belt on both sides of the page post is centered, but it still doesn't get better; Later, we adjusted the time of the page flower column. After many fine adjustments, the machine speed can basically reach more than 30000 pieces/hour. However, when the octave folio with 890mm specification was changed in the future, there was still a serious stoppage fault. After adjusting the time spent in the hurdle, the fault was eliminated. However, when printing octave prints of 787mm specification, the service life of some parts must still be affected, and the column time must be adjusted to eliminate the stoppage fault

according to the analysis of the operators, the key to troubleshooting is to adjust the time spent in the output column accurately. Although the page blocking fault has been temporarily eliminated, the adjustment of the time spent in the output column is still not ideal. After groping, stop the machine when the page sticker falls from the belt pulley and is about to separate, loosen the flower bar, adjust the fastening screws, rotate the flower bar, so that the value of the waste pulp that just touches the overseas bases of other countries at about 5cm above the flower bar is more prominent. To the page sticker, lock the fastening screws, start the printing, print the paper of the above three specifications, and there is no page plugging fault again, even if the paper specification changes, there is no need to adjust the time of the flower bar

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