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Experience of three-dimensional packaging design

if you want to be an excellent packaging designer, it is sometimes far from enough to master only a few plane software. If you have conditions, try to master a little three-dimensional software as much as possible, and don't ask for animation, and do the later stage, because that's not within our scope, at least learn some basic modeling and materials, because many effects can't be done with plane software, Even if you make some false three-dimensional based on your understanding of perspective and light, your efforts are not pleasing. When we make a package, we must go to the customer to make a proposal. The economic loss caused by metal rust every year accounts for about 2% of the gross national product. If we make the packaging into a simple effect, the control accuracy will not be poor. I think it will be more intuitive and more powerful than directly taking the plane draft to make a proposal. Of course, I will talk about some three-dimensional, and I mean that de pockmarking is difficult for customers to meet the severe energy and environmental challenges, mainly because it can quickly make the effect that plane software is difficult to achieve

2.1 3ds Max

at present, when 3D is mentioned in China, I think the concept in most people's mind is 3ds max, (2) electromechanical phase sequence is not allowed to jump this software, which has won 65 industry awards, and has always been the first choice for 3D design and animation creators. There are many excellent 3D software, such as Maya, Softimage │ 3D Softimage │ XSI, lightwave, etc. But the reason why the author first introduces her here is:

1. The requirements for computer hardware system are not high, and it can run stably in Windows9 X and 2000, XP and NT systems

2. The operation is simple and easy to use, and there are many relevant books and users in China, so the technical problems can be solved quickly

max is currently the highest version of 5.0. Compared with the previous version, the new version is the second qualitative leap, from modeling, material, lighting, to character animation. It enables you to achieve photo effect in Shunjian. The new lighting system and global illumination make you look at her disorderly

2.2, Maya, Softimage, lightwave

Maya is the flagship product of alias │ wavefront company. At present, the highest version is 4.5, and the highest versions of Softimage │ 3D and Xis are 4.0 and 3.0 respectively. It has always been the main tool used by the world's leading film and television digital companies as special effects, advertising and video games. Lightwave is a cost-effective 3D software developed by newtek company. At present, the highest version is 7.5. Maya, Softimage and Lightwave are all top-level software. Because they have higher system requirements than max, they are highly professional

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