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Experience of replacing small packaged decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital

[Abstract] this paper expounds the experience of successful replacement of small packaged decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine from four aspects: fully doing the research work, scientifically designing the hardware that needs to be changed, carefully selecting the suppliers of small packaged decoction pieces, and reasonable replacement process

[Key words] small packaged decoction pieces; Experience; Traditional Chinese medicine

small packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces refers to a decoction piece packaging method in which the processed and processed qualified traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces are packaged with certain packaging materials according to the commonly used clinical dose, and the prescription pharmacist directly deploys them without weighing. It is a new packaging method of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years. On the one hand, it changes the traditional dispensing method of traditional Chinese medicine, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, high formula efficiency and improved the working environment of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners; On the other hand, it enables patients to know the Chinese medicine at a glance, protects the interests of patients, and promotes the development of Chinese medicine. Our hospital is a comprehensive class III class a hospital, with an annual prescription of about 30000 pieces of traditional Chinese medicine. Since the end of February 2005, the traditional Chinese medicine room has changed the decoction pieces, and all the original bulk decoction pieces have been changed to small package decoction pieces. Due to the careful consideration of the whole replacement process, the handover is very smooth. Doctors and most patients are satisfied with the small packaged decoction pieces. For the dispensing personnel in the traditional Chinese medicine room, the replacement of small packaged decoction pieces is more beneficial. This paper summarizes the problems that should be paid attention to and considered in the whole replacement process for future reference

1 do a good job in research

in recent years, small packaged decoction pieces are gradually being popularized and used because of their accurate dose, easy inspection and dust reduction. However, there is no user in this region. Considering that our hospital is a comprehensive hospital, although the Department of traditional Chinese medicine is not a key department, because of our leading position in this region, many patients come to the Department of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to do sufficient research among doctors, pharmacies and patients to replace small packaged decoction pieces. Among the three, doctors are particularly important. Whether doctors approve small packaged decoction pieces or not is related to the specific implementation of small packaged decoction pieces in the future. Therefore, the leaders of the hospital first organized relevant doctors to visit the provincial-level large hospitals that have implemented small package decoction pieces to learn their experience. After getting their approval, they were asked to consult the information with the Chinese pharmacy, and combined with their own clinical medication habits, designed several relatively reasonable and practical specifications for each decoction piece. Secondly, the pharmacy department of the hospital posted the promotional materials of small packaged decoction pieces in the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy and distributed more than 200 questionnaires to solicit the opinions of patients. As a result, 70% of the patients who came to our hospital expressed their approval of small packaged decoction pieces, and 65% of the patients said they could bear the resulting price rise of about 10%. This increases the confidence of the hospital to replace the decoction pieces

2 scientific design of hardware that needs to be changed

once Chinese herbal pieces are packaged independently according to specific specifications, their weight and volume will increase a lot compared with traditional bulk pieces; At the same time, considering that there may be several specifications of a decoction piece, the variety is relatively increased. This makes the original medicine cabinet in the outpatient Chinese pharmacy unsuitable and insufficient. Therefore, the implementation of small packaged decoction pieces requires the replacement of new medicine cabinets, and whether the design of medicine cabinets is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the future formula operation. To this end, the pharmacy department organized relevant personnel to visit the relevant user units, learn from each other's strengths, and then according to the area of their own Chinese pharmacy, combined with the nature of traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate the force measuring piston failure, designed a supermarket style shelf, and made a scientific calculation of the height and width of the shelf. For the storage of some easy to attract insects and rats, a container with a door is specially designed, which can be locked when not in use. In addition, we also designed and replaced the medicine rack in the warehouse

3 carefully select the suppliers of small packaged decoction pieces

the selection of suppliers is very important for the users of small packaged decoction pieces. First, it is necessary to ensure the supply quality and second, it is necessary to ensure the timely supply. Therefore, the pharmacy department selected several production units of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, focusing on their production capacity and delivery speed. Because of the outer packaging of the small packaged pieces, the quality of the pieces themselves is higher than that of the traditional bulk pieces. Otherwise, once there is mildew, the modified plastic used in the interior is 180kg moth eaten, and so on, the rework loss will be more serious. At the same time, at present, manufacturers of small packaged decoction pieces generally implement order production, that is, they arrange production according to the needs of users. The production mode is mainly manual, the degree of mechanization is low, and the overall production efficiency is not high. In this case, if the user needs a large amount of goods and the time is tight, the manufacturer will inevitably be unable to cope, resulting in the shortage of a certain variety or specification in the pharmacy and affecting the formula. Therefore, once it is decided to use small packaged decoction pieces, choosing a good manufacturer is an indispensable condition for successful transformation. After comprehensive consideration, our hospital finally chose a decoction piece production enterprise with the largest scale in the region, and signed an agreement with it, all of which will be responsible for production, on the condition that it must be delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, otherwise it will bear the corresponding responsibilities

4 reasonable replacement process

after all the above preparations are made, the next step is to implement the replacement. There are two procedures for replacing small packaged decoction pieces in several hospitals we visited at the beginning. First, one-time replacement, that is, all bulk pieces are replaced with small packaged pieces at one time. Second, gradually replace, that is, when a kind of bulk decoction pieces are used up, replace the small packaged decoction pieces until they are all replaced. We analyzed that the former cannot be operated during the day, otherwise it will affect the formula; The latter has no effect on the formula, but the replacement cycle is long. Considering that we still need to replace the shelves, the department leaders decided to adopt a one-time replacement. In the whole replacement process, we need to pay attention to the following points: first of all, in order not to affect the formula work during the day, the replacement time should be selected in the evening. It is best to select the period when there are relatively few formula patients in the next few days (so we choose the period after the Spring Festival). This is to consider that the proficiency of the new formula requires a certain running in. The EU has put "big tricks" into the second revision of regulation 10/2011. Secondly, there must be a reasonable positioning for the shelf of small packaged decoction pieces during replacement, so that the dispensing personnel can get familiar with it as soon as possible, which is also very helpful to improve the efficiency of future formula. Thirdly, there must be enough people that night and a clear division of labor. Because there is a lot of work to do, not only to get rid of old products, but also to put new products on the shelves, as well as computer price adjustment; Conversely, if these work cannot be completed with quality and quantity guaranteed that night, it will definitely affect the formula for the second day. Finally, after all the replacement tasks are completed, the notice of the official use of small packaged decoction pieces should be posted, and the pharmacies should apologize to the formulators for the slow dispensing speed in the first few days, which will prolong the patient's waiting time, so as to obtain their understanding

5 summary

small packaged decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine are being promoted and used in many places because of their many advantages. We believe that when deciding to officially use this new product, brother units must consider the whole situation, choose reasonably, arrange reasonably, replace reasonably, and publicize correctly, so as not to affect the normal formula work as much as possible

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information source: Traditional Chinese medicine Herald

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