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Experience of printing machine paper feeding

1 How to make the consumer manufacturers and equipment performance on the paper stack are 10 points. The paper on the paper stack of the printing machine can't be smoothly fed into the paperboard after reloading, stopping halfway to wash the rubber or adjusting Feida, which not only affects the output and quality, but also increases the scrap rate of the paper. After years of repeated practice, I have found some experience. When the paper feeding blowing nozzle blows air (when the paper feeding suction nozzle releases paper or the paper receiving ball presses paper), turn on the air pump. At this time, the paper has a good air path, so the paper on the paper stack can smoothly enter the cardboard conveyor

2. The solution to the slight wear of the embossing cylinder

the embossing cylinder of the printing part of the printing machine, due to the corrosion of the ink and other things, coupled with the large and small printing format, poor maintenance and other reasons, the pictures and texts on both sides of the cylinder are often printed incorrectly, scratchy, and even can't be printed. The general solution to this problem is to stick stickers on the embossing cylinder, but the stickers are easy to fall off, wrinkle and break. If there is any problem, please contact us. We will introduce a method to you in the better technical support, that is, change the paper into adhesive tape. But note: first, stick it flat; Second, stick the worn parts (see the sample paste); Third, we should master the printing volume. Judging from the printing situation of our 08 machine, generally it needs to be pasted again after about 20 hours. If the drum is excessively worn, it is recommended that the manufacturer replace it with a new drum to ensure the printing quality

3. It is not allowed to control the paper feeding or increase the friction force of the bearing due to dirt, rust, tight assembly, etc.

due to long-term use, poor maintenance and other reasons, the cam of the flying part of the printing machine wears faster. If the paper feeding cam is slightly worn, the paper feeding will be inaccurate. Through several years of practice, we will control the cam positioning pin of the paper receiving ball downward, and then use two hinged head screws to fix the cam. Generally speaking, move the paper ball to the position where the paper feeding suction nozzle just stops breathing to catch the paper. If the cam is excessively worn, it must be replaced with a new one

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