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Analysis of insiders: there is a great possibility that oil prices will rise again

recently, compared with gold, copper and other metal varieties, the callback range of crude oil is much smaller, and it is still relatively strong. With the advent of the peak oil consumption in summer, where will New York crude oil go after hovering at the high of $70 for more than two months

first of all, it depends on whether high oil prices have an inhibitory effect on demand. Changes in U.S. demand are mainly reflected in inventory changes, including crude oil and gasoline inventories. According to the data of the American Energy Information Association (EIA), high oil prices do affect the demand for gasoline. With the arrival of summer, although the demand for gasoline continues to increase, the range is not as large as in previous years, indicating that the inhibition effect is not strong. Chinese demand has been increasing. Customs data show that since this year, China's crude oil imports have increased, but exports have decreased. Therefore, the impact of high oil prices is far lower than market expectations. As long as the composition of metal core, tin, silver and copper is not significantly increased after inventories are added through heated inkjet heads, oil prices will not fall

next, geopolitical factors and the attitude of the US government. The former has always been the main reason for the rise in crude oil prices. Whether it is the Iraq war or the Iranian nuclear issue, it is inseparable from the United States, and the attitude of the U.S. government towards high oil prices will directly affect crude oil prices. Recently, as high oil prices have affected the daily lives of Americans, especially after Iran took high oil prices as a favorable weapon against the United States, the U.S. government began to deliberately curb oil prices: on the one hand, it temporarily stopped continuing to increase the strategic crude oil inventory (according to the author's statistical analysis, the U.S. strategic crude oil inventory and WTI crude oil price have a highly stable positive correlation in the past seven years, with a correlation coefficient of 0.88), which will relatively increase commercial inventories, It is bad for oil price; On the other hand, the U.S. government has eased its attitude towards Iran, and the launch of the "six nation plan for Iran's nuclear issue" is the result of the U.S. compromise. Iran will then know whether the overall structural characteristics of this equipment meet the standard number of its own detection operation on August 22 and answer after amplification by the high-speed amplifier. At that time, it is the hurricane prone season, even if Iran does not agree with the plan, U.S. sanctions against Iran will also be weighed repeatedly due to high oil prices. Therefore, although the Iranian issue has eased, it has not really been completely resolved

again, weather factors may dominate oil prices this summer. On the one hand, once the weather is hot, gasoline consumption will rise, and the price rise of the latter will boost oil prices; On the other hand, possible hurricanes will also stimulate the rise of crude oil prices. Due to the great harm caused by hurricanes in the past two years, the destruction of crude oil facilities has led to soaring oil prices, and people are terrified of hurricanes. Therefore, after the hurricane season comes, even if it does not cause any harm, it will push prices higher, and it will fall slightly after the hurricane. According to the prediction of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States, there will be 13 to 16 named storms in 2006, exceeding the average level of previous years, including 8 to 10 hurricanes and 4 to 6 more severe ones

finally, the dollar factor. The depreciation of the US dollar has undoubtedly boosted the rise in oil prices. Recently, the trend of commodity futures is closely related to the trend of the US dollar. When the US dollar strengthens, gold and copper weaken. The recent rebound of the dollar has led to the weakness of commodity futures. This week, the most concerned event for global investors is the open market meeting of the Federal Reserve on June 29. The author believes that as long as the rate hike is no more than 0.25 basis points and there is no statement of continuing to raise interest rates after the rate hike, the dollar rebound is likely to come to an end

in short, among the factors affecting the crude oil price at present, there are not many negative factors, most of which have been digested by the market or are changing, while positive news may appear at any time, and the crude oil price is likely to rise again. (liuyuelai of Nandu futures)

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