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Yongkang hardware industry innovation service complex construction implementation plan

1. The construction goal

is to deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the building of "China and even the world's advanced manufacturing base". According to the guidelines for the construction of industrial innovation service complex in Zhejiang Province, focusing on the kinetic energy restoration of traditional hardware industries and the cultivation of emerging industries, gather innovation elements, We will strive to build an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem with ten linkages of "industry, University, research, finance, talent, politics, and the United States", build a distinctive hardware industry innovation service complex, and promote the high-quality development of the hardware industry in our city

II. Construction ideas

Yongkang hardware industry has gradually formed eight traditional industries, tens of thousands of industrial enterprises and more than 10000 kinds of industrial products through continuous agglomeration, integration and development. The hardware manufacturing capacity has been continuously enhanced, and the industrial chain of each industry is relatively complete and distinctive. However, due to the limitations of talent, knowledge, technology, conditions and other innovative resources, the characteristics of accurate weighing are still prominent, such as few innovative enterprises, weak innovation awareness, weak innovation ability, incomplete innovation chain, low-end industrial chain level, and large but not strong hardware industry

combing the innovation chain based on the industrial chain, the entry point of hardware industry innovation should be to promote the research and development of new achievements (products, processes, technologies) in various industries as the core, take the increment of new achievements as the starting point, and take the realization of the industrialization of new achievements as the direction to build an innovation chain matching the current industrial chain. (see Figure 1 innovation process for details)

in order to implement the "No.1 Project" of digital economy of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and realize the digitization of the hardware industry, around the requirements of the guidelines, according to the different needs of the innovation subjects in the existing innovation chain, according to the characteristics of the wide range of the hardware industry, and guided by the services that meet the needs of each innovation subject, subdivide the service content and build a complete digital innovation service chain of the hardware industry. (see figure 2-figure 6)

III. institutional setup and responsibilities

(I) the construction of complex should give full play to the leading role of the government, establish a complex management organization, and implement substantive operation. Its responsibilities are: to formulate the overall development plan, select the settled institutions, coordinate all parties involved, formulate and implement policies, be responsible for daily management, and ensure the normal operation of the complex

(2) the innovation service system takes the service platform (window) as the carrier, gathering scientific and technological innovation service institutions at all levels, various scientific and technological information resources, and professionals in different fields; Using the method of "interconnection + innovation service", provide corresponding support services according to the needs of innovation subjects for different innovation elements. The daily work of the complex management organization mainly includes the following two aspects:

1. Exhibition experience management: responsible for collecting and displaying the service content and the latest service achievements of the settled complex service organization; Provide comprehensive explanation and introduction of settled service institutions for enterprises and entrepreneurs; The internal areas of the exhibition and Experience Hall include: welcome area, public exhibition activity area, science and technology information service area, comprehensive exhibition area of innovative achievements, industry 4.0 experience area, industry cloud exhibition area, and stepped multimedia function area

2. Management of settled institutions: according to the service needs of the innovation main body of the hardware industry cluster, be responsible for screening, introducing and gathering all kinds of high-quality service resources, and constructing the completed innovation service chain; Be responsible for performance appraisal and annual evaluation of service institutions; Responsible for the daily management of service institutions, including: innovation comprehensive service area, intelligent manufacturing service area, business development service area, quality comprehensive service area, automatic numerical control equipment area, small conference room, complex management office area

IV. construction subject, address (floor layout), capital

(I) construction subject: headquarters center development and Construction Co., Ltd.

(II) construction address: Auxiliary Building of Jinbi building, headquarters center, Yongkang City

floor layout: make full use of the existing site, provide intuitive and convenient all-round and multi-level services, form a service atmosphere of "innovation, intelligence, openness and sharing", and highlight the innovation and development achievements of Yongkang hardware manufacturing base

1. The first floor plan layout (see attached table 1 and attached figure 7 for the plan layout)

(1) welcome area: service reception, function display, activity publicity, etc

(2) activity area: public display activity area and stepped multimedia function area

public display activity area: display the overview of Yongkang, the history and basic situation of hardware industry through the large screen; Show all processes and links of hardware industry product research and development, production, manufacturing and sales; Display the latest achievements of hardware industry, military civilian integration industry and medical rehabilitation equipment industry; Dynamically display the "smart supervision" platform, service data of complex service institutions and other contents

stepped multimedia function area: provide services for various training, project roadshows, innovation and entrepreneurship training, industrial design competitions, forum salons, special seminars, new achievements promotion, science and technology project docking and other activities

(3) exhibition and experience areas: Science and technology information service area, comprehensive exhibition area of innovative achievements, industry 4.0 experience area, and Industry Cloud exhibition area. The specific contents of each exhibition area are:

Science and technology information service area: providing information retrieval (papers, periodicals, patent databases, etc.) of hardware industry and emerging industries (rehabilitation and medical treatment, military civilian integration, etc.). Xu Lejiang, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, concurrently serves as the office director, industry expert Information inquiry, patent, software copyright, copyright of various works, trademark information inquiry, big data analysis and display of hardware industry and other services. It is proposed to settle in the "Yongkang science and technology think tank center" and JD group industry big data (Yongkang) center built by Zhejiang Institute of science and technology information and Zhejiang Institute of science and technology development strategy

comprehensive exhibition area of innovative achievements: around Yongkang hardware industry, display the relevant technologies, achievements and expert information of famous universities, research institutions, central enterprises, industrial design companies and science and technology incubators introduced by the complex; Display new products, new processes and new technologies after the transformation of achievements. It is proposed to settle in Yongkang sub center of China Electronics Technology Achievement Transformation center, Jinhua sub center of industrial design innovation research center of Huazhong University of science and technology, Suzhou Institute of medical engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute, Zhejiang Hardware industry industrial design demonstration base, Yongkang science and technology enterprise incubator (provincial incubator) and other institutions

industry 4.0 experience area: with the "smart factory" as the main line, it shows that through IOT, sensing technology, cloud computing, big data, virtual steel plant's enthusiasm for pig iron has subsided, quasi reality and other technologies, the functions of industrial robot intelligent inspection, automatic storage, high-altitude transportation and other functions are applied to the whole process of smart production. Through the combination of software and hardware such as pictures, videos, 3D printing, and real ar glasses, a simulation assembly line is made to present the industrial 4.0 manufacturing mode in the form of real-world simulation, which shows how enterprises of different types and sizes can achieve a faster, more flexible and efficient production process, a higher product quality, and a scene experience. Comprehensively show the whole process of intelligent scenes from interconnected order receiving, intelligent scheduling, interconnected supply, intelligent logistics, intelligent dispatch, intelligent workshop, intelligent decision-making, etc

Industry Cloud exhibition area: provide services such as virtual machine, cloud desktop, cloud storage, enterprise cloud disk, disaster recovery cloud, etc. Display all kinds of cloud products and the effect of "enterprises on the cloud" through station experience, live scenes, multimedia and display boards. Actively take the construction of industrial Internet cloud platform as an important starting point to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, constantly promote the digital manufacturing of a large number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and carry out "digital manufacturing and platform services" in the security door and auto parts industry. It is proposed to settle in Telecom Tianyi cloud, mobile cloud, new Kaidi manufacturing cloud, Liancheng technology Lizhou cloud, JD cloud, industrial Internet cloud platform, etc

2. Plane layout of the second floor (see attached table 2 and figure 8 for the plane layout)

(1) innovation comprehensive service area: according to the actual needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional hardware industries and the cultivation and development of strategic emerging and high-tech industries, connect and absorb relevant research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, domestic and foreign professional scientific research institutions and R & D institutions of relevant colleges and universities; Coordinate and integrate provincial enterprise research institutes, engineering research centers, high-tech R & D centers and other private technology R & D institutions in the city, gather innovative R & D resources, use the Internet system to establish a relatively perfect innovative R & D system, and help enterprises solve technical problems and improve the level of innovative R & D; At the same time, it provides functions such as exhibition, trading, intellectual property application and protection for technological innovation achievements, and escorts technological innovation. Provide technology development services, industrial design services, and scientific and technological novelty search services; Market Research Report, industry analysis report, project feasibility report, project application and acceptance and other services; Collect innovative achievements, provide innovative achievements display, trading, and consulting services; Patent, software copyright, copyright of various works, trademark and other intellectual property application services (retrieval, institutional docking and negotiation, signing of agreements, technical scheme disclosure); Intellectual property rights protection assistance services; Intellectual property training services; Intellectual property transaction and implementation licensing services; Technology and financial services; Legal services; 3D printing, prototype production, mold trial production, heat treatment and other sample trial production services. It is proposed to settle in Zhejiang hardware technology innovation service platform, Yongkang innovation results exhibition and trading center, Yongkang hardware industry cluster window service platform, Yongkang sub market of Zhejiang science and technology market, Zhejiang (Yongkang) intellectual property rights protection assistance center, patent agency, trademark office, intellectual property law office, Yongkang commercial law professional service station, Yongkang Longyuan Molding Technology Co., Ltd

(2) intelligent manufacturing service area: provide enterprise informatization consulting and planning, factory intelligent transformation, information infrastructure, enterprise intelligent storage, network security defense, information system machine room, data disaster recovery and backup, ERP, PLM and MES systems and other informatization software and hardware services. Display intelligent transformation solutions in the form of physical display, electronic Kanban, multimedia display, industrial flat panel, on-site display, etc. Visualize the specific classified applications of industrial interconnection platform data collection (edge layer), industrial PAAS (platform layer) and industrial app (application layer) in Yongkang hardware industry, and promote and implement manufacturing enterprise informatization, industrial 4.0 integration technology, MES technology, 3D technology, industrial interconnection, big data and other technologies in the intelligent transformation of enterprises in our city. It plans to settle in Yongkang Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute (initiated by Yongkang xinkaidi Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xindi Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., and plans to gather information engineering service institutions such as Nanjing Weituo Technology Co., Ltd., Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Houda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., tegade Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.); Yongkang industrial interconnection Innovation Alliance (initiated by Zhejiang lianghuateng Technology Co., Ltd., it plans to gather information engineering service institutions such as 360 enterprise security technology (Beijing) Group Co., Ltd., Shenxin Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiuhui Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sipu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing jianruijie Software Development Co., Ltd.)

(3) business development service area: provide product import and export services, e-commerce talent training, international exhibitions, brand marketing, e-commerce cloud platform, sea

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