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Detailed rules for the implementation of the production license of metal packaging barrels and cans (Part 2)

4.2 the enterprise that has obtained the production license must indicate the production license number and mark on the product specification or product

example of production license of licensed products:

license number and mark

examples of production licenses for licensed products

XK 0001

production license series

licensed product number (spray cans)

license issuing department number (China National Packaging Corporation)

example of production license for licensed products

XK 0001 (Level 1)

production license level

production license level

license replacement product number (steel barrel)

license issuing department number (China National Packaging Corporation)

4.3 end of license issuance.After, All enterprises that have not obtained the production license of metal packaging barrels and cans are not allowed to produce corresponding products, otherwise they will be punished as unlicensed production

the provincial and municipal licensing offices should cooperate with the provincial and municipal licensing offices in the investigation and handling work

4.4 after the license issuing work is completed, the national licensing office will organize regular and irregular spot checks on the licensed enterprises, and cancel the production license of the enterprise in one of the following cases

1. Those who fail to pass the spot check and recheck and still fail to pass the rectification within a time limit

2. Fraud or bribery during inspection

3. Lowering the technical standards without approval

4. Transfer the production license to users of unlicensed enterprises

4.5 after the completion of license issuing work, enterprises that are newly put into production or changed production should apply to the provincial and municipal licensing office. Before mass production, with the approval of the provincial and municipal licensing office, they will not be treated as unlicensed products within half a year. Unlicensed production enterprises must go through the application procedures with the certificate of fines and confiscations issued by the technical supervision department and the certificate issued by the competent department of the enterprise

Chapter V charge management of production license

5.1 according to the relevant provisions of Article 10 of the trial regulations on production license of industrial products (No. [1984] 54) issued by the State Council and the notice on the issuance of Interim Provisions on the charge management of production license of industrial products (No. (1992) 127) issued by the State Price Bureau and the Ministry of finance, all license applying enterprises should fill in the application form at the same time, Pay fees to the national licensing office and relevant inspection units

5.2 the charging items are examination (including certificate fees, travel expenses, information fees, etc.); Product quality inspection fee and announcement fee

5.3 charging standard according to the price letter of the planning department of the State Planning Commission (the former State Price Bureau), select a batch of new materials (1995) No. 56, which are urgently needed for industrial development, have great market potential and have a good level of development. The charging standard for the production license of metal packaging barrels and cans in recent years is:

I. The examination fee is 2500 yuan

1 Travel expenses 1600 yuan

2 The management fee is 900 yuan

including conference fee, document and material printing fee, certificate fee, etc

II. Inspection fee

1 Metal barrels 600

2 Metal cans 800 yuan

III. announcement fee

based on the principle of frugality, it is charged according to the actual expenditure, and the announcement fee charge notice will be issued separately

5.3.2 each licensed product or unit shall pay the examination fee, inspection fee and announcement fee. If an enterprise applies for several products or units at the same time, and the examination team can complete the examination at one time, the enterprise only needs to pay the examination fee once. The electric bridge of the original universal experimental machine of the steel barrel loses balance and outputs a voltage signal output proportional to the deformation, and the product shall pay the inspection fee according to the licensed unit

5.4 the production license examination fee and announcement fee shall be collected by the national licensing office; The product quality inspection fee shall be paid by the enterprise directly to the inspection unit, and each applicant enterprise shall pay the required fee at one time

unit name: national packaging industrial products production license office

Bank of deposit: Dongdan Office of Bank of Communications Beijing Branch

mostly contributes to the company

account number:

for enterprises organized and reviewed by provinces and cities, the national packaging office will return them to provinces and cities according to the standard of 800 yuan for travel expenses and 200 yuan for management fees of each enterprise

5.5 the fees charged for the production license shall be used exclusively

5.6 if the applicant enterprise fails to pass the examination and needs to be re examined, only the examination fee will be charged; For products that fail to pass the quality inspection and need to be re inspected, only the product quality inspection fee will be charged

Chapter VI, appendix

6.1 these rules have been approved, published and implemented by the national industrial product production license office in document Quan Xu ban [1995] No. 25

6.1 the detailed rules shall take effect from the date of approval

6.2 the detailed rules shall be interpreted by the national licensing office

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