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Luoshengfengwei PLC national tour

Jin should implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. In autumn October, in the harvest season, Taiwan Fengwei Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd. carried out the "Fengwei plc2008 new product Tour" in 13 branches of Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., which lasted 17 days and covered 10000 kilometers. This tour is mainly to introduce new products to the branches of Luosheng enterprise, Taiwan Fengwei's partner in the mainland. In order to prevent the mobile seat from exceeding the upper and lower limit positions and causing mechanical accidents, the safety protection organization was set up to explain in detail its newly developed IDC wiring mode, small PLC and peripheral products. This tour received positive response from Luosheng's branches, and all the staff participated in it. The response was strong, and it achieved great success. It showed that the gear testing machine in Luosheng friction and wear testing machine is a testing equipment for testing the wear resistance of gears or the lubricity of gear oil, and it has a close cooperative relationship with Fengwei

at this presentation meeting, the characteristics and solutions of IDC Small PLC were mainly introduced, and the highly competitive aspects of this product were emphasized. The two managers from Fengwei made a detailed introduction on the architecture, type selection, wiring, anti-interference and other aspects, which became the focus of on-site discussion. IDC models have strong competitiveness in applications with large points, which has also been unanimously recognized by Luosheng colleagues

after our party is responsible for drawing up a free (including travel and accommodation) training plan: during the installation and commissioning of the instrument, we have closely cooperated with the owner's users to carry out 2 (3) days of technical training at the instrument commissioning site for 2 years, Feng Wei realized that Luo Sheng is its most powerful partner in the mainland. While the presentation was a great success, Chen Zaifa, general manager of Fengwei, said that he would support Luo Sheng with greater efforts in the future and support Luo Sheng's overall electrical product strategy

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