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Benefits of car glass coating on the importance of car window coating

I believe many friends don't know what is glass coating. First of all, let's understand what is glass coating. The glass results show that the coating uses special chemical means to form a hydrophobic coating with a thickness of only a few nanometers on the surface of car glass. Don't underestimate this film, which has super water skiing, The irregular water film that interferes with people's sight cannot be formed by water drops, and the dust, oil stain, shellac, etc. that fall on the glass surface can be easily cleaned away

what are the benefits of coated glass? 1. Under the action of the protective layer, rainwater will quickly form small drops of water. When the volume reaches a certain degree, it will slide down the glass under the action of gravity, and at the same time, it will also take away the dust on the glass. Instead, the glass is cleaned once, so that the glass surface has the super hydrophobic self-cleaning function like the lotus leaf in nature. When the vehicle speed reaches more than km, under the wind, the water droplets on the glass will automatically roll upward until they slide out of the car, forming a strange scene in the rain

2. Reduce the surface tension of the glass, make it difficult for dust and stains to adhere, make the glass surface easier to clean, and keep bright and clean for a long time. The rainwater with dust stains cannot adhere to the glass surface to form a water film, which greatly reduces the wear of the wiper and the wear of the wiper on the glass, greatly prolongs the service life of the wiper and prevents the glass surface from being worn and scratched by fine sand dust

3. After coating the glass, the amount of wiper is greatly reduced, and the wiper still needs to be started in light rain, but it obviously improves the use efficiency of the wiper, and will never form a water film on the glass to affect your vision and driving safety. Moreover, the greater the rain, the more obvious the effect is. It overcomes the disadvantage of the wiper floating when the car is driving at high speed and processing data, and there is no visual dead angle. At night, the light from the opposite car will not produce glare on your glass due to the water film. You can easily see the surrounding road conditions, making driving safer at night

after coating, the car glass is equivalent to having a thick layer. Here is a detailed description of the operation of the oil delivery valve and oil return valve: the thick protective film, the snow or fog falling on the glass in winter cannot be frozen on the glass, and the large area of thin ice formed on the glass surface by vehicles parked in the open air is difficult, and can be easily removed, eliminating the troublesome removal process and waiting time. Therefore, automobile coating is still very important

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