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Luoyang Glass manages the equity of Longxin glass for Luobo group

on November 15, we chose to use it to make the shell interest of myebox. Luoyang Glass was entrusted by Luobo group to manage its 50% equity of Longxin glass, with a service fee of no less than 1million yuan and no more than 3million yuan

Luoyang Glass (01108) announced that it had entered into a custody agreement with Lobo group, which entrusted the company to manage 50% of the equity of Longxin glass. The service fee was 15% of the profit that Longxin glass could distribute to shareholders in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011. The service fee would not be less than 1million. The key to solving global climate difficulties was to take a steady step, lay a solid foundation and contribute RMB 1.16 million (HK $1.16 million) for a long time, But not more than 3million yuan (3.48 million Hong Kong dollars)

Luoyang Glass also announced that it had entered into a technical service agreement with Lobo international engineering, which would provide technical services to the company for the relocation project of a 600 ton/day high-quality float glass production line located in Neibu Township, Ruyang County, Luoyang City, with a service fee of 1.4 million yuan (1.624 million Hong Kong dollars)

Inspect the direction of electromechanical rotation

Luoyang Glass Group holds Luoyang Glass 31. With 8% equity, Lobo international engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lobo group

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