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Luo Shi continues to increase investment in tackling core technologies to help the rapid development of the domestic robot industry

under the continuous promotion of the made in China 2025 policy, the domestic industrial robot industry is in a stage of vigorous development. According to relevant research institutions, the sales volume of industrial robots in China will exceed 150000 units in 2018, and the market scale will reach US $6.23 billion, with a growth rate of about 6.4% compared with last year. To this end, a number of domestic robot enterprises are constantly promoting technological innovation and actively seizing the market

Luoshi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical expert with the core of providing industrial automation products and solutions. Since its establishment in 2015, Luoshi has successfully developed high-performance robot control systems and a variety of light industrial robot products and automation solutions. In the face of the industrial robot market that is tending to develop at a high speed, light weight and flexibility, Luoshi has continuously increased its investment in overcoming core technologies, committed to product research and development and technological innovation of light-weight industrial robots, and helped the domestic robot industry develop at a high speed

technological innovation, two new products give more possibilities

in order to cope with the current increasingly fierce industrial robot market, Luoshi closely follows the market demand, focuses on the research and development of flexible, collaborative and light industrial robots, accelerates the innovation and technological upgrading of products, and has successfully developed a number of light industrial robot products and automation solutions, which have been widely used at home and abroad

recently, Luoshi launched the upgraded product xb7xl of the original product line and the new product line xmate flexible cooperative robot

as the newest member of XB family, xb7xl robot, in addition to the production of experimental machines, we strictly follow the national requirements and standards, and continue the characteristics of XB series robots with built-in cables, compact and slim structure, and 7kg load. Its arm span is increased to 1.2m (about 0.5m compared with xb7, about 0.3m compared with xb7l). In addition to maintaining high speed and high precision operation, It can also be applied to more fields. The combustion chamber and nozzle of France's M88 ⑵ engine also adopt ceramic matrix composites

in addition, the new IP67 protection matching function of XB series robots can improve the adaptability of robots in harsh environments; The hollow wrist can realize the hidden storage of the pipelines around the wrist, avoid the interference with peripheral equipment, reduce the wear of the pipelines, and prolong the service life. When working at high speed in a narrow and complex space, the hollow wrist is also more flexible and smooth

xmate flexible cooperative robot is a new product line launched by Luoshi, which has become a highlight of Luoshi's latest research and development achievements

xmate, as the next generation of cooperative robot, its flexibility is reflected in that each joint is equipped with a high-precision torque sensor, and uses a new direct force control technology to replace the traditional position control mode. It can provide high dynamic force control ability, cooperate with the seven axis design and one finger touch sensitive collision detection, and be as flexible as a human arm to realize the global movement speed limitation and monitoring, which can be applied to the precision assembly Device plugging test and medical operation assistance

in addition, xmate robot has another feature of ease of use. It can realize cross platform operation, enable users to get started as quickly as using app, and greatly reduce the deployment cost. Xmate robot will be launched in Q3 2019

titanite control system: Double upgrading of efficiency and quality

in the core components of the robot, the control system is equivalent to the brain of the robot, which directly affects the accuracy and flexibility of the robot system. Therefore, Luo Shi team independently developed the titanite high-performance cooperative robot control system in 2016 through dedicated exploration

the control system gives the robot higher speed and accuracy. Its high-speed function is based on the optimal planning of the full dynamic model. In handling, sorting, quality inspection and other work, the robot is always at the highest speed in the safe range, which can greatly shorten the beat time and improve the efficiency by 30%. At the same time, it also integrates speed independent path planning technology, high-precision error compensation and inertia feedforward technology, which can effectively avoid the jitter of the robot in the acceleration and deceleration process, so that the robot can run accurately along the established trajectory at any speed

in addition, the titanite control system also has the characteristics of more flexibility and coordination. It supports high-precision force control, compliance control, drag teaching and sensorless drag teaching technology based on 6D sensors, which can simplify programming and improve product yield. In addition, it can also be equipped with a built-in seventh axis driver to support rail linkage control, high-precision conveyor belt tracking and synchronous movement, which greatly expands the motion range and application field of the robot

In addition, the openness of the control system enables users to develop a variety of new applications according to specific process requirements, operating habits and peripheral equipment interface specifications

in a word, the titanite high-performance cooperative robot control system not only improves the production efficiency and the flexibility of the production line, but also greatly improves the product consistency and production yield, laying an excellent quality foundation for Luoshi robot

strictly control the three levels of quality and accelerate the development of domestic robots

at the 2018 new product launch held in September this year, Tuo Hua, the founder and CEO of Luoshi, announced that he had completed 160million yuan to actively promote the core technology with independent intellectual property rights in our Province to be upgraded to industry standards, national standards and international standards. This round of financing was led by Shunwei capital, followed by Jinshajiang joint capital, qingkong gingko and meihua venture capital, This is another recognition of Luoshi by the capital market. The reason why Luoshi has been recognized by investment enterprises again and again is not only the factors of weeding out the old and bringing forth the new in its products and technological upgrading, but also its level by level inspection of products, which ensures the high-quality reliability of factory robots

in terms of product development, Luoshi adheres to the principle of being precise in quality and loyal to details. Through multi-dimensional and multi-level tests, it has formulated strict requirements for the delivery of robots. Robots must pass a series of standardized tests before they can pass the customs

first of all, each robot must be tested and inspected by Luoshi staff for 120 hours before arriving at the use site, so as to avoid possible problems of the robot

secondly, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the robot, Luoshi will carry out harsh environment tolerance test on each robot during research and development, so that Luoshi robot can operate normally under severe working conditions, such as IP54 protection level test, -12~45 ℃ high and low temperature operation test, high frequency vibration test, etc

finally, Luoshi robot must also undergo 132 detail inspections from inside to outside, from hardware to software, 45 itemized inspections, from 543 harnesses heavily strapped to 1086 connector fixation inspections, and then to 293, 8 screws that may cause oil reduction or deterioration due to long-term and frequent use, and strictly implement the exclusive torque standards to ensure the safety, firmness and reliability of the robot

in addition, Luoshi robot has also passed the strict EU CE safety certification. The EMC test ensures the stable operation of the equipment without any electromagnetic interference. At the same time, it has passed the first PI certification in the domestic robot industry. The PROFINET fieldbus technology based on Ethernet ensures that the interaction, debugging, diagnosis and equipment capacity expansion between all PROFINET field devices are more convenient

looking forward to the future, according to the plan signed by Luoshi and Zoucheng municipal government in Shandong Province, Luoshi will invest in the construction of a 100 mu intelligent equipment Industrial Park within three years. The intelligent equipment industrial park is located in Zoucheng Economic Development Zone, with a total construction area of about 100 mu. It will take the research and development of industrial robots as the core, and develop ontology design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and industrial application development. In this regard, Tuo Hua said that Luoshi will introduce a large number of high-precision instruments and equipment at home and abroad, and invest in building a high-end intelligent equipment research and development laboratory for robot performance improvement, new product and technology research and development, and innovative application testing, so as to contribute to intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment technology

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