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Benefit analysis of bag storage technology

in terms of production cost, bag storage technology is lower than cellar storage, and large-scale round bale storage is close to cellar storage, but the packaging loss is small and the quality is high. Bag and bag storage materials used for breeding can increase the output of livestock products by more than one coincidence compared with pit storage materials, and the quality of livestock products has also been significantly improved. The base makes full use of its copper processing capacity and human resources advantages. The economic benefit statistics of pit storage, tower storage and bag storage technology carried out by relevant foreign technical departments show that the comprehensive benefit of bag storage technology can be more than Qiao higher than that of pit storage and tower storage technology. It can be said that the new technology of bag and bag storage can not only meet the requirements of the development of China's grass industry, but also promote the improvement of China's breeding industry in the direction of high quality and efficiency. It has practical and long-term significance for the structural adjustment of China's current planting and breeding industries. The diameter and length of the storage bag, and the storage capacity of each bag are about. Under the condition of high level of supporting equipment, the continuous operation efficiency is, yuan per plastic film bag. Operation process of packaging and storage technology. In China, bagging is only applicable to legume crops with high economic value, such as first hunting silage. Its operation technology: forage harvesting, lifting, raking, turning and drying, picking up, rolling and bundling, wrapping machine, film bucket, silage, bales, the introduction and application of new technology for forage silage, bag storage and packaging new technology, therefore, as a conventional technology in animal husbandry developed countries, has been widely popularized and applied in production. In recent years, these two technologies have been introduced into China successively. Among them, small-scale bag storage technology has been popularized in Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places on a small scale. Bag storage technology has only been introduced by individual units for productive tests in recent years, and corn straw has been silaged successfully and hunted for the first time. The quality of bag storage is quite satisfactory. But so far, bag storage technology and large round bale silage technology have not been popularized and applied in China

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