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Luo Sheng and Sony launched a new product

Luo Sheng and Sony this year launched a new product: Sony industrial ccd

now let's introduce the principle, types and industrial applications of CCD

first, what is CCD

full English name of CCD charge coupled device, photosensitive coupling element. It is the most widely used in consumer electronics and industrial products in recent years. In order to avoid large losses caused by loose fasteners

II. CCD principle

the main material of CCD is silicon crystal semiconductor. When the CCD surface receives the light from the camera lens when the shutter is opened, the energy of light will be converted into charges. The stronger the light is, the more charges will be. These charges will become the basis for judging the intensity of light

the CCD element is arranged with a channel line, which transfers some charges at the corresponding adjustment tensioner position (it is necessary to remove the lower shroud of the main body and stop) to the amplification and decoding original, so that the signals generated by all the photosensitive elements on the CCD can be restored and a complete picture can be formed

III. CCD type

1 Divided by color: color and black and white (b/w=black white)

2 According to signal type and output:

analog and digital

3 According to the scanning method (scanning system):

interlace scanning and

non interlace scanning

Fourth, so may be damaged. NY CCD product classification

AOI series (automatic optical detection)

FCB series (security products)

evi series (special for video conference)

AOI series is the main product of Luosheng company

v. AOI industry application:

1 Flat panel display industry

● mura defect detection

● color filter

● chromaticity/film thickness/optical density measurement

● PI detection

● LC liquid crystal detection

B industry

● inner and outer circuit detection

3 Semiconductor industry

● 2d/3d measurement

● appearance inspection

● bumping inspection

4 Other industries

● solar micro crack inspection

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