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"Made in Luoyang" 5MW offshore wind power blades broke the world record

from May 10 to 12, the first China independent brand Expo was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center before the fire burned to the cabin, and a large number of products representing the innovation and quality of China's independent brands appeared. This is because pc/abs alloy has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity. The Seventh Five Year Research Institute of shipbuilding industry brought products such as ship ballast water management system and 5 MW offshore wind turbine blades to the Expo, which attracted wide attention

the 5MW offshore wind power blade independently developed by Shuangrui wind power company of the Seventh Five Year Research Institute has broken through a series of technical problems recognized in the world, such as full-scale large thickness carbon 5, the retrieval function of experimental results, fiber double curved beam vacuum pouring, large curvature multi-layered UD pouring with the shell, light ultra thick sandwich material low heat release curing, new carbon fiber beam lightning ablation protection, and so on. It has completely independent intellectual property rights, It broke the world record of single power length of blades, reaching 83.6 meters, and realized the transformation of China's offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing technology from following to leading. At present, the product has passed the appraisal of national defense scientific and technological achievements, and its performance has reached the international leading level. It has significant economic and social benefits and broad prospects for promotion and application

another product of the Seventh Five year plan institute unveiled at this Expo is the balclor ship ballast water management system developed by Qingdao Shuangrui company of the Institute. This system brings confidence to extruder enterprises. It is a key marine equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, and won the title of "national strategic innovative product" in 2013. Its core technology "electrolysis of seawater to produce sodium hypochlorite" is the mainstream technology in the international development of ballast water treatment. The processing capacity of this system can reach 170 cubic meters to 8500 cubic meters per hour, which is applicable to all ship types at present. Up to now, the ship ballast water management system of the Seventh Five year plan institute has been certified by nine international authoritative classification societies

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