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Luoyang building lighting company

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Luoyang building lighting company

by controlling the angle and projection direction of the night scene lighting light, it is not allowed to pile randomly, so as not to affect the integrity of materials. It is best not to move many times when stacking, resulting in material damage and missed work. Due to the particularity of lighting equipment, it is necessary to choose a higher one, In dry places, avoid equipment damage due to rain and snow. Materials need to be placed according to purpose and category for easy access. And keep away from inflammables and explosives, and need to be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. Ready to use materials can be placed directly on the working face to reduce handling. Tools and materials should be placed separately to prevent damage to lighting equipment. Mark and register the quantity of classified materials for inspection. If the bottom-up light beam is used, it will produce a visually different effect from that in the daytime, breaking the light shadow mode generated by natural light, emphasizing the detailed characteristics of the building, so that the characteristics of the building that are not available in the daytime can be fully displayed. Controlling the illuminance and brightness of the building can shape the change of light and shadow. The buildings in the central area of the city are relatively concentrated, and the light density is larger and the brightness is higher than that of the experimental instruments you buy. Urban landmark buildings are often located in the central area. Through more intense light and shadow contrast, people have different psychological feelings. The combination of different lighting methods, such as projection lighting, translucent lighting, contour lighting or special lighting, can form different lighting effects of points, lines and surfaces, and increase the sense of hierarchy. Urban lighting projects need the participation of professionals and the overall planning and design. For the lighting project of prosperous streets, scientific planning and strict implementation of relevant standards are required. Combine night scene lighting with urban planning, and formulate the overall planning of urban lighting development according to the characteristics of the city, so that the night lighting of the whole city has prominent focus and obvious characteristics. On the one hand, we should strengthen the management of light environment and divide the functions of light environment; On the other hand, we should operate in strict accordance with standard design standards, which is the "low-carbon" road of urban lighting

in the night scene lighting design, by determining the main viewing angle, we can determine the important facade of the building lighting. There are primary and secondary facades, and the lighting design of the primary and secondary facades of the building can be different. At the same time, it sets off the solemn, kind and elegant style of the central area of the city, so that the city has a stronger sense of the times, so as to increase the attraction of the urban space, and fully express the urban environment, cultural information and architectural aesthetics. Urban lighting engineers drive the economic development of a city. To let people live a decent and self-esteem life in a city with beautiful environment and good quality is the foundation and foundation of modern urban life. The construction of LED lighting project not only increases the sense of the times of the city, but also promotes the development of commercial streets. At the same time, we can also consider the ornamental effects of different distances, as well as the different ornamental effects of the height, medium and low of the building, so as to enrich the night image of the building. The workload, work content and when to complete the project of lighting engineering project are scientifically and effectively arranged to achieve reasonable allocation and mobilization of human, material and financial resources, and timely acceptance and handover of construction tasks. The schedule should also be formulated with reference to the construction process and the possible intersection scope of work in construction. The site investigation of the lighting engineering project shall determine the stacking place of incoming materials and the temporary erection of water and electricity facilities, and it is necessary to understand the situation of other adjacent construction units. Combined with the characteristics of the building, through the use of symbolic elements (such as graphics, signs) for night lighting design, we can more highlight the characteristics of architectural culture. Appropriate lamps and lanterns can enrich the night scene lighting effect. It sublimates the specific cultural atmosphere of the city, excavates the historical and cultural heritage of the city, and shows the connotation of modern culture

the lamps and lanterns of the night scene lighting of the building are mostly in hidden parts, so that they are not used as the visual center and do not affect the shape of the building itself. The outline of the city under the sun is determined by the shape, color and architectural shadow of its edge buildings. The more well-organized the city is, the closer it is combined with the surrounding uncompetitive environment, and the more difficult it is to distinguish the urban wheel, especially the germination and expansion of cracks and layers; The urban lighting at night clearly outlines the outline of the city, which is obviously different from the surrounding areas. When you look at the city from a high place at night, the outline is complete and clear, intuitively reflecting the shape and scale of the city. In addition to geomorphic features, the identification of urban structures mainly lies in the identification of different areas formed by urban roads and building groups. The purchased materials should not be greedy for cheapness, and the quality must be guaranteed to avoid the rapid loss of lamps and lanterns and potential safety hazards to personal safety in the future. The lighting of the surrounding environment of the building can adopt landscape lamps, courtyard lamps, etc., and the architectural culture can be emphasized through the design of the shape of lamps and lanterns. Building lighting is a part of urban lighting. Its role is not only to beautify the city, but also to make good publicity for the enterprise itself, improve the popularity and corporate image. Successful building lighting can also make buildings become the landmark of the city. Many types of lamps and lanterns are used in the lighting of buildings. The most common one is the wall washing lamp, which is used to outline the outline of large buildings. The lighting effect is the same as that of washed walls, and there are many colors to choose from. Grasp the psychological motivation of tourists, grasp the night market beyond 8 hours in the day, and develop night tour products to enable more tourists to enjoy the fun of night tourism at the destination

neon advertisements, light box signs, internal and external lights of buildings, etc. make the central area form a bright area embedded in the road, so that the structure of the central area of the city is clear at a glance. LED projection lamp is also one of the lamps used in building lighting. It can aim at any direction, and the irradiation angle can be achieved from 0 to 180. We should maintain the historical and cultural traditions and the overall pattern of the ancient capital, reflect the national traditional local characteristics, and integrate the spirit of the times, and use lights to shape the great image of Xi'an, which is simple, majestic, and spectacular. The three stages of the overall planning, detailed planning and specific scenic spot lighting design of the urban night scene lighting project affect and restrict each other. The overall planning of urban night scene lighting project is the guidance and premise of detailed planning and specific scenic spot lighting design, and the latter must be designed according to the principles determined by the former. LED light strips are widely used in buildings, advertisements, bars, landscapes, interior decoration lighting. The length can be cut and spliced at will, and the patterns can be bent and spliced at will. The guardrail tube is mixed with three primary colors of red, green and blue to realize the change of seven colors. The nylon screen hanging below will form a huge floating dustpan, which can realize colorful lighting effects such as chasing, scanning and alternation through the controller, and can make the building bright with good dynamic effect. The design of urban night scene lighting project is a reasonable organization of the urban night environmental form, and it is the embodiment of urban aesthetics in the night. The reason why the urban night landscape is extracted from the urban landscape and studied separately is that the urban night landscape is very different from the daytime landscape. The planning designer must be familiar with these changes. If used properly, it will create a touching urban night space effect. The design of urban night scene lighting engineering should not only consider the characteristics of urban space in the daytime, but also change the space with poor shape under the sun and the existing forms that are not related to each other through various methods. The engineering department shall start the installation process according to the detailed rules of the construction scheme. Arrange the installation personnel and go to the market to buy the required materials

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