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In this increasingly busy life, people are eager to get a space that can completely relax and regulate and transform the spirit with simplicity and purity. In this fast-paced life, we yearn for a fresh, natural, casual and relaxed living environment. The following editor will recommend a set of modern simple style decoration renderings of poly Blue Ocean County three bedrooms and two halls for you. Such a home will definitely bring you a relaxed and casual feeling, so that you will no longer be so nervous and busy. Come and have a look

decoration files:

decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: Decoration bidding house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: modern simple contract amount: 70000

Design Description: I don't need any romantic and luxurious rooms. In this city, I'm tired of the noise and pollution of the city and long for calm and simplicity, Strive to have a natural and simple living space. Seeing my home, maybe you can relax and feel a comfortable life

poly Lanhai County three bedrooms and two halls modern simple style living room

the simplicity of decoration must be pragmatic, and must not blindly follow the trend without considering other factors. Simplicity also embodies a modern "consumption view"

community profile: Poly Lanhai county is another masterpiece of Hubei poly in Nanhu New City in 2011. The project is located in the South Lake plate in the central area of Wuchang. The front line is adjacent to the lake and on the North Bank of the South Lake. It enjoys the vast South Lake of 760 hectares, overlooks the beautiful lion mountain opposite, and has a beautiful environment near the mountains and rivers. The project is close to Zhongnan business district, jiejiekou business district and Guanggu business district, and it takes 10 minutes by car. There are 15 bus lines on Xiongchu avenue to three towns directly, with convenient transportation. Shopping, medical treatment, education and catering facilities are available

editor's comments: after reading this set of poly blue sea county modern simple style three bedroom and two hall decoration case, are you also very excited? It doesn't matter if you don't like mix and match decoration style. Do you still want to see other decoration renderings? Sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement




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