Regret that home decoration should not happen

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[] since the beginning of this year, the company has received dozens of phone calls from owners requesting to inspect the quality of home decoration. When they arrived at the scene, they found that all the quality problems were found after the completion of decoration construction. Some have moved in for more than half a year, and the decoration project funds have been paid in full. Ask the owner whether all quality inspections have been carried out during the decoration construction, and then proceed to the next process of construction. The answer is that the owner himself does not understand the standard and cannot see whether the quality is good or bad. After listening to the decoration personnel, they will pay for the next process until the completion. Contact the decoration company or decoration construction team when problems are found in use. Either he didn't answer the phone, or he answered the phone and promised to send someone to solve it, but there was no one to deal with it for a long time. Thus, the owners cannot move in, and the owners who rent houses will continue to pay expensive rents. Those who move in can't use household equipment normally, and even if they are on duty, they still worry about the life of the elderly and children at home. It directly affects the normal work and life of the owner. From the analysis of the quality problems found, various decoration projects have different quality problems. For example, in water and electricity projects, the phase neutral line is connected reversely, the ground wire is disconnected, the air switch often trips, and the power of the air switch does not match that of household appliances. The configured electric water heater trips after half washing, and there is no hot water. Some of the lighting used electricity for less than an hour. Suddenly, the power was cut off, and the room was dark. Children at school could not do their homework, and adults could not do housework. The sewer pipe is blocked and leaking. Tilers' laying of floor tiles has a large area of hollowing, uneven, and the error exceeds the standard by several times, which directly affects the beauty

the specification of decorative ceiling keel is far from the specification determined by the budget quotation. For the sake of labor saving, rough sandpaper is used to polish the emulsion paint on the wall, which has many scratches; Waves roll "e;, Cracks can be seen everywhere on the wall. The laid wooden floor creaks and warps, forming a piece " Board waves ". More serious, the backlight slot is not sealed. Once a child is curious to touch it, electric shock may occur at any time, which may cause heavy casualties. Such various quality problems are really shocking and incredible. To sum up, all kinds of quality problems were discovered by professionals afterwards. As for the quality problem of the concealed part, check it afterwards. If the covering layer is not disassembled, it cannot be found, and the potential danger still exists. Some of the problems found can be solved in time, and some must be solved by major surgery. Decoration companies and owners often compete for rectification, maintenance, compensation and other issues, which not only affects work and life, but also affects the construction of a harmonious atmosphere. If our decoration company is more responsible and the inspection measures are strict, if a third-party supervisor is hired and the process is strictly checked and checked one by one, there will be no unnecessary disputes, unnecessary economic losses and unnecessary regrets




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