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Working with "heart", being attentive to products and users is the attitude of Roland windows

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work with "heart", be attentive to products and users, which is the attitude of Roland style doors and windows

customers not only buy goods, but also enjoy the process of purchasing goods. The eternal assets of an enterprise refer to those customers who are loyal to the enterprise brand. Whoever has more loyal customers will have more assets

the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July is coming. Therefore, the company has invested a lot of human and material resources to make full preparations for the Expo

Roland style is currently promoting the construction of sales team and production team. The continuous expansion of the team means that personnel and equipment will also increase, and production will become more smooth and better service terminals

since the development of Roland style doors and windows, we are proud of the continuous expansion of the team, and more and more old employees remain

Roland put forward a three-step employee growth plan: first, let employees understand the cultural background of the enterprise; 2、 Popularize knowledge of doors and windows, installation and the use of tools to employees; 3、 Training to help employees integrate into the working environment

every profile and glass needs many strict processes from entering the production line to the final finalization of doors and windows. Every detail of every process should not be ignored, and we should strive to be perfect

Roland style products have not only been recognized by the market in terms of technology, but also signed long-term strategic alliance agreements with large aluminum manufacturers and accessories manufacturers at home and abroad, ensuring the stability of products and greatly reducing the after-sales problems of products. Every link of products from production to delivery is strictly implemented in accordance with the production system and IS09001:2000 standard

about enterprise

Roland de style (Shenzhen) door and window Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Pearl River Delta - established in 2006, is a high-end door and window company integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales. With the spirit of continuous innovation, excellence, truth-seeking and pragmatic, Roland style has developed steadily in the industry and has been highly praised by domestic customers and foreign businessmen

Roland windows adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "detail, quality, integrity, innovation and efficiency", takes improving customers' quality of life as its own responsibility, takes product innovation as the core of the enterprise, and develops high-end products and top-level services rich in life elements. High end door and window products, derived from high-quality profiles and accessories, need careful design and fine processing to ensure the excellent quality of doors and windows





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