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The "King fan Da Zhihui" of Jiusheng floor direct selling conference was successfully held in Jiangsu station, and more than 980 orders were successfully signed, with a sales area of more than 40000 square meters. The direct selling conference was a perfect success

on March 2, 2014, the "King fan Da Zhihui" of Jiusheng flooring direct selling conference was successfully held in Jiangsu station. Representatives of national flooring brand enterprises and dealers attended the opening ceremony. More than 1800 customers from more than 30 cities across the country came to Jiusheng flooring headquarters base and successfully signed more than 980 orders, with a sales area of more than 40000 square meters. The direct selling conference was a perfect success

the first battle was won, and the direct sales results of Jiangsu factory were gratifying.

this factory direct sales activity is the first large-scale market activity of Jiusheng floor in the new year of the horse, and it is also the first batch of consumer customers received by Jiusheng floor since the completion of the new cultural center covering an area of 5000 square meters. The first battle was won, which made a good start for the year-round activities of Jiusheng flooring and laid a solid foundation for its good development in 2014

at 10 a.m., buses from Jiangsu successively drove into the Jiusheng flooring Industrial Park. Led by Jiusheng flooring staff, consumers visited Jiusheng flooring factory, workshop, warehouse, brand experience hall, etc., fully understood the dozens of processes from blank to finished product of each floor, and witnessed the strict control of each floor quality by Jiusheng flooring, Consumers are more confident about Jiusheng flooring when buying products

at 12:18 after Chinese food, the activity kicked off on time. There was a strong brand atmosphere and a variety of product styles at the event site. Within three hours, Jiusheng flooring launched a variety of product styles such as American original flavor, original ecology, geothermal, solid wood composite, new solid wood flooring, and various preferential forms such as Taobao products, special products, limited new products, and privileged goods. At the same time, 42 inch color LCD TVs, Haier full-automatic wave wheel washing machines, Phoenix folding bicycles, Jiusheng flooring gift bags Luxury gifts, such as high-end ashtrays and health electronic scales, allow consumers to come and return with a full load

make persistent efforts, Zhejiang group purchase will be grandly held

in 2014, Jiusheng flooring insisted that more Chinese families enjoy the beautiful home life brought by wood flooring, and the market activities will be held more frequently, with greater investment and more discounts throughout the year. Hisun flooring held the "King fan Da Zhihui" Hisun flooring Pennsylvania red oak National Games nationwide, and the six "storms" were solemnly presented

holding the direct selling conference "King fan Da Zhihui" is a project, which plays a unique role in the wood flooring industry. It not only brings direct sales volume to Jiusheng flooring, but also lays a foundation for the development in 2014, not only brings preferential benefits to consumers, but also brings success to itself




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