Toothpaste hose package with automatic sealing lin

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Toothpaste hose package with automatic sealing line on the inner wall

the packaging of toothpaste hose, from aluminum tube packaging to aluminum-plastic composite tube packaging, has only taken years. The aluminum-plastic composite packaging has good printing effect, smooth surface and good appearance. However, due to the poor plasticity of the aluminum-plastic composite material, it needs to be extruded repeatedly during use, It has brought inconvenience to people who are gradually accelerating the pace of life

Zhuhai guocaicheng tensile strength or strength limit advertising design Co., Ltd. has designed and developed a process of adding an automatic sealing line (concave convex line) to the upper and lower inner walls of the toothpaste hose. When using toothpaste, the upper and lower concave convex lines on the inner wall of the toothpaste are gradually buckled from the tail of the toothpaste to the head, so as to achieve the two sides of the upper and lower inner walls of the toothpaste hose, thus eliminating the need for repeated extrusion of the original toothpaste during use, The disadvantage of inconvenient use. The process has obtained the national patent with the patent No.: zl 01205570.0 the process has a simple structure. All toothpaste hoses are made of plastic or composite plastic, without the use of aluminum foil. It not only reduces the cost, but also is convenient to use, making the toothpaste packaging more humanized

with the new packaging process, the force applied to the product can be equal to the nominal value of the weight × 10. Brand protection and prevention of counterfeiting play a certain preventive role. New selling points have been added to the product marketing in 2012

this process is applicable to the hose packaging of toothpaste, cosmetics, food and other products

global advanced fiber materials represented by carbon fiber and aramid fiber will usher in an important strategic development stage

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