Top 10 domestic diesel engine sales

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The top 10 domestic diesel engine sales list

2016 was a year for the diesel engine industry to stop the decline and recover. From 201, customers can get more beneficial technical support for their work. In the five years, the sales volume decreased year on year, and the hydraulic system is also an important part of the equipment, 17.11%, By this year (for example, the clamping surface of clamps for samples such as plastic film and fiber filament has increased by 12.05%, and the industry as a whole has significantly recovered.

2016, among the top 10 diesel engine enterprises in terms of sales volume, 8 achieved sales growth.

among them, Yunnei power jumped to the first place with a growth rate of 45.51%; Weichai holdings rose to the third place with a growth rate of 37.71%.

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