Top 10 billion dollars to build sub package center

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With the approval of the former State Economic and Trade Commission, the World Packaging Organization Asian packaging center, the first world-wide industrial center established by international organizations in China, has recently settled in Hangzhou. The establishment of this center in China is of great significance to promote the development of China's packaging industry and the transformation of China from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

according to the analysis of relevant experts, the construction of the sub packaging center in China can make full use of international resources, attract the member states of the World Packaging Organization, the Asian Packaging Organization and relevant international organizations to move to Hangzhou or set up offices, and improve China's reputation and influence; It can integrate all links of China's packaging industry chain, integrate various advantageous elements of the packaging industry, build an aircraft carrier of China's packaging industry, cultivate a number of world brands and multinational companies, enhance the industrial concentration, form an integration effect and a gathering radiation function, and build a world advanced packaging manufacturing center; It can track the huge scientific and technological development trend of packaging graphene in the use of electronic information functional materials, research and develop core technologies, promote technological innovation, develop scientific and technological packaging, green packaging and modern packaging, and lead the trend of the world packaging industry

the sub packaging center was applied by China from the World Packaging Organization in the fierce competition with Japan, India and other countries. After settling down in China, the relevant departments set up a leading group for the construction of the Asian package center and formed a site selection investigation group for the Asian package center. They went to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhongshan, Jiangyin and other four cities that applied for the construction of the Asian package center to conduct a comprehensive field investigation. The site selection investigation group and the leading group agreed that Hangzhou, a world-famous paradise, fully possessed the foundation and strength of the construction company, which still showed the development trend of a high-tech enterprise taking off against the market

the sub packaging center is a worldwide packaging industry center integrating packaging manufacturing, science and education, R & D, trade, information and services. 10. The specification of constant pressure servo pump station: 90l/min. It aims to focus on building a manufacturing center, logistics center, printing center, information center and R & D Center for the packaging industry, focusing on the development of packaging machinery, packaging materials and packaging products. The preliminary planning area of the center is 35 square kilometers, including 5 square kilometers of headquarters and 30 square kilometers of processing trade zone. Its direct investment and investment attraction will exceed 10 billion US dollars

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