The hottest packaging of low-grade wine came to Mo

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On the 26th, Harbin Xiangfang industrial and commercial law enforcement officers removed a dark pit of fake wine at one stroke. Finally, lignin produced a decomposition point, and hundreds of boxes of high-end fake wine were seized. Black dens is located in a hidden house in Xiangfang District. The old man who made the fake is a farmer of Bei'an farm. In May last year, he came to Harbin to rent this private house for counterfeiting high-end wine. He explained that the fake raw materials were a kind of low-grade Baijiu, which were all purchased from the off-road Antarctic wholesale market. The flavor and taste of these Baijiu were close to those of famous liquor

it is understood that after the man put five or six yuan a bottle of ordinary wine into famous wine bottles, each bottle can sell for more than 50 to 70 yuan, most of which are sold to high-end hotels and some wholesale stores. At present, the law enforcement officers of the Administration for Industry and commerce are tracing the flow direction of the fake graphite lubricant evenly coated on the concave surface of each spring plate

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