The hottest packaging paper and paperboard II

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Packaging paper and paperboard (II)

II. Packaging paperboard

due to the deformation and elongation of the sample in the tensile test, it is not only within the marking line. 1. Carton paper

carton paper is the main raw material for making corrugated boxes, but also can be used to make cartons, paper barrels and various backing materials. According to the different fiber ratio of raw materials, carton board paper is divided into special size, No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. Special size is kraft board paper or kraft paperboard, with more than% Kraft wood pulp and bamboo pulp for noodles, 50% Kraft chemical wood pulp and brown ground wood pulp with - t, -: cardboard made from waste pulp hanging at the bottom. No. 1 is strong and tough box board polyvinyl chloride (PVC) door and window pulley jg/t 129 ⑵ 000, using 100 outer semi chemical wood pulp or more than 30% waste hemp pulp,? O paste the following straw pulp, brown ground wood pulp, etc. No. 2 is ordinary box board paper, which is made of 300 cheat straw pulp, brown ground wood pulp, etc. The performance requirements of carton board paper are: tight fiber, strong paper and good toughness; It has good pressure resistance, tension resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance, and has a smooth surface, which is suitable for printing and coating

medium trunk paperboard is a high-grade paperboard for transportation and packaging, which has the characteristics of high physical strength, good moisture resistance, good appearance quality and so on. It is mainly used for manufacturing foreign trade packaging cartons and domestic high-grade commodity packaging cartons. Kraft linerboard, also known as kraft board abroad, is made of 10 "6 unbleached kraft softwood pulp and has excellent properties. At present, the imported kraft linerboard is mostly used in the packaging of China's export commodities

strong and tough cardboard is a product that China strives to develop. Its performance is slightly lower than that of kraft cardboard. It is mainly used for the packaging of televisions, refrigerators, bicycles, etc., and also for the long-distance transportation packaging of general goods. It can also replace kraft cardboard and imported vermicelli cardboard for the packaging of export goods. For other carton paper; It is suitable for medium and low-grade packing cartons

2. Corrugated base paper

corrugated base paper is used to make corrugated board, and then use inch: to make cartons, cartons and corrugated liners. Corrugated base paper is a kind of low weight paperboard, with a weight of 120-200g/M ', and a thickness of 0.20-0.35nlm. In qb548-81, corrugated base paper is divided into close-up ', No. 1 and No. 2. Special corrugated base paper is mainly made of semi chemical wood pulp, which has good ring pressing strength and is easy to press. No.1 corrugated base paper is mainly made of straw pulp from industries such as energy, water and oil and natural gas, and No.2 corrugated base paper is mainly made of waste pulp, both of which have poor performance

corrugated base paper requires high ring compression strength (or stiffness) and certain looseness. This is because the corrugated base paper plays a "skeleton" role in the corrugated board. Improving its ring compression strength will help to improve the compressive strength of the corrugated box. At present, China mostly uses the corrugated base paper with the ration of 180g/M ', but the corrugated base paper is developing towards the direction of low ration without reducing the strength. Foreign countries mainly use the corrugated base paper of about 125g/N'

3. whiteboard and white cardboard

whiteboard is mostly single-sided smooth cardboard, which can be divided into gray background and white background. In China, bleached reed pulp, wood pulp and other vermicelli are generally used, and straw pulp, wheat straw pulp or waste pulp are used as the inner pulp or core layer. However, with the improvement of consumption level, people's requirements for packaging also increase, and the use of white cardboard is gradually increasing. White board paper requires smooth and white surface, large folding resistance, good stiffness, good printing adaptability and bonding performance, which is suitable for making folding cartons. It can also make white board such as tag lining. There is no difference between lining pulp and surface pulp, and the quality requirements are higher than white board paper. Because its weight or thickness is between paper and paperboard, it is called paper jam. White card paper is mostly used for the cover structure of body fitted packaging, hanging sales packaging and hang tags on packaging, etc

4. Yellow paperboard

yellow paperboard is a low-grade packaging board, which is made from straw or wheat straw by caustic soda pulping. The yellow board paper is rough and loose, with poor wear resistance, and the direct printing effect is not good. Yellow paperboard can be used to make cartons, paper mats, roll cores and core paper of corrugated cardboard

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