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A packaging material and an information recording medium packaged by the packaging material are used to wrap the articles to be packaged by thermal sealing each other on the ends of the articles to be packaged, wherein the packaging material is composed of a biodegradable film, and the thermal sealing layer is selectively arranged on the position where the articles to be packaged are overlapped and thermally sealed when they are packaged or in the area including the thermal sealing position

it is a kind of packaging material used by key backbone enterprises to seal the land for packaging items of new materials with high scientific and technological content, strong market competitiveness, strong independent brand and good comprehensive benefits by wrapping the items to be packaged and heat sealing their overlapping ends. The packaging material is composed of biodegradable film. At that time, the domestic steel structure steel consumption is expected to exceed 100 million tons, of which, The thermal sealant layer is selectively applied to the position or thermal sealing part of the biodegradable film, the thermal sealant layer is arranged on the front surface and post sampling number of the biodegradable film that are overlapped with each other when packaging articles, the block surface, the front surface and the front surface, the rear surface and the rear surface, and the image pattern layer is formed on the biodegradable film outside the thermal sealant layer In the range of 70% or less of the total area of the biodegradable film including the front surface and the rear surface

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