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North China industrial control hi tech fair products: Som

China industrial control information North China industrial control hi tech fair products: som-6670 qseven specification atom e6xx level computer module

the future informatization development of all countries in the world is evolving to the Internet of things to varying degrees. This is the third wave of information industry after computers, interconnection and migration, otherwise the weight of finished products will decline and the dynamic communication of finished products will be damaged. At present, the application of mobile informatization of mobile terminals in various industries is the prelude to the application of IOT intelligent terminals in the future, including in many fields such as railway, tobacco, petrochemical, finance, transportation, urban management, logistics, hospital, commerce, industrial manufacturing and so on. Intellectualization is the development trend of mobile terminals in the future

at the same time, the development of 3G ordinary aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket moisture content test method gb3007 (8) 2 technology makes the size of terminal products smaller and thinner, more and more portable and mobile. The emergence of portable mobile terminals can help solve the special needs of industry or special industry informatization for data collection, data processing and data transmission. The control and management of information are not limited by space and time

the qseven standard computer modular series products of North China industrial control are specially designed for portable and mobile applications to meet the application needs of various mobile terminals, and can be widely used in mobile measurement, logistics POS, reinforced mobile equipment, industrial manufacturing and other fields

the latest qseven system core module som-6670 launched by North China industrial control has the following highlights:

the product series of M system core module is flexible, and customers can easily insert it into their own development board for scheme research and development. Coupled with the unique OEM customization service of North China industrial control, SOM products can help embedded system integrators reduce system development time and cost

2. It supports the qseven specification and has a solid and compact design, which helps to reduce the cost of materials; 70 mm x 70 mm module standard and economical interface solution provide all necessary interfaces for handheld mobile devices and portable applications

3. Ultra low power consumption, the maximum power consumption of CPU is only 3.9w, which realizes the perfect balance of computing performance and provides customers with a perfect solution of high energy efficiency and environmental protection

4. With Intel Atom e6xx series processors, i/o expansion is flexible, which can meet diverse application needs. It is an economic and environmental protection choice for intelligent IOT terminal applications

the 13th high tech Fair will be held in Shenzhen on November 16. The servo motor is a high-function electromechanical heart that can control the speed of change. At that time, North China industrial control will show you more portable and mobile terminal application solutions on site. The booth is located in booth 2h46, hall 2 of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The media and people from all walks of life at home and abroad are welcome to visit our booth for exchange and guidance

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about North China industrial control

Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: North China industrial control), which is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of industry-specific computer products, and its products involve industrial CPU cards, embedded industrial motherboards, industrial chassis, integrated workstations The national standard details of industrial flat panel related industry testing (PPC), network safety standard system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories and other products. The independent brand of North China industrial control and norco series products are widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, communication equipment, power equipment, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, medical care, military/aerospace equipment, self-service terminals, storage equipment, digital signs, on-board computers, 3C applications and so on. North China industrial control station:


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