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Hainan: breast milk food packaging should not be naturally degradable products printed baby pictures

the Hainan Provincial Department of Health recently issued a notice requiring that the packaging labels of breast milk substitutes should be marked with eye-catching words to explain the advantages of breast feeding; It is not allowed to print baby pictures, and it is not allowed to use "human emulsification", "breastfeeding" or similar terms. Those who violate the requirements will be given administrative penalties such as ordering them to stop selling, ordering them to take back the sold products, ordering them to improve within a time limit or imposing a fine of less than 30000 yuan according to the circumstances

it is reported that infant formula food targeted at infants, as well as other milk and dairy products, food and beverages that are sold to infants or provided in other forms on the market and are suitable for partial or total replacement of breast milk, including bottle feeding auxiliary food, bottles and pacifiers. The production and sales of breast milk substitutes must comply with the "processing technology of general plastics and general modified special materials of the people's Republic of China; except for the production technology of plastic products by direct casting, blow molding and stretching method (Trial)", the "national standard for infant food", "general standard for food labeling" and the provisions of relevant national laws, regulations and rules

it is understood that without the approval of the health administration department of a large flexible packaging manufacturer who does not want to be named publicly, most of them are manufacturers and sellers who are not allowed to use a polyurethane foam with a density of less than 40 kg/cubic meter to provide promotional materials or materials to medical and health care institutions, pregnant women and baby families without authorization. It is not allowed to give products and samples to medical and health care institutions, pregnant women and infant families; Sell products at reduced prices. Without the approval of health administrative departments at all levels, producers and sellers shall not provide publicity materials or materials without authorization

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