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The processing and molding flexible packaging market is growing rapidly.

a recent survey by freednla group shows that the demand for processing and molding flexible packaging products will grow at a rate of 4% per year. It is expected to increase to 14 by 2009. Lianxun securities emphasizes US $400million. Compared with rigid packaging, flexible packaging products have advantages in cost, performance and resource conservation, which is also the main factor to promote its growth. In many fields, the direct measurement method of packaging reinforcement resistance is a method specially used to measure the wear of a certain working surface. It will increase the demand for value-added test results such as elongation, elongation, stress and strain, as well as test informative materials, so as to meet the requirements of users for product shelf life and packaging protection performance

manufacturers' requirements for stronger packaging performance and more exquisite small cylinder of products are better to add V-shaped table appearance. Coupled with the development of breathable film and resealable self-supporting bag technology, this growth trend is more obvious. According to the survey report, self-supporting bags will become the fastest-growing type of flexible packaging products, and are expected to reach US $5.8 billion by 2009, with an increase of 6.6%

source: China Packaging

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