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Product driven upgrade, CIMC Lingyu strives for change 2020

product driven upgrade, CIMC Lingyu strives for change 2020

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seize the day and live up to youth. At the beginning of the new year, "product driven development, change and create the future" CIMC Lingyu 2020 business annual meeting was grandly held in Xiamen, Ludao. The general manager of CIMC Lingyu Liu Baoshan, the executive deputy general manager Xu Zhiyu, the deputy general manager of the company/the general manager of the marketing company Hu Bolin and other senior leaders, department heads, regional sales managers, dealers, service stations, product suppliers and other 500 people attended the meeting, jointly sounding the clarion call of CIMC Lingyu to win the war 2020

as an excellent media representative in the industry, China Construction Machinery Information () was invited to witness the new departure of CIMC Lingyu

supported by products, change leads to the future. Looking back on 2019, under the severe and complex environment, relying on industrial transformation and upgrading, CIMC Lingyu handed over an answer sheet of steady progress. In 2019, CIMC vehicles group was officially listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, becoming the first share of semi-trailer manufacturers; With the 18 character strategic guiding ideology of product upgrading technology as well as key level upgrading, production line transformation and upgrading, and organizational restructuring, and the joint efforts of all Lingyu people, CIMC Lingyu's annual operating performance reached a new high in 2019. It is expected that the annual sales volume will increase by 23% year-on-year, and the operating revenue will increase by 11% year-on-year, And added seven world champion authoritative certifications...

Mr. Liu Baoshan, general manager of CIMC Lingyu, made a theme report

Mr. Liu Baoshan, general manager of CIMC Lingyu, said in the theme report that the development of the heavy truck industry is facing many challenges, "this is the best era and the era with the greatest changes". He said that over the past two decades, the heavy truck industry has entered an era of open competition and accelerated the reshuffle of the industry, from the period of natural growth to the period of steady consumption dominance. With the continuous strengthening of overload control, "blue sky defense war", emission upgrading and other national policies, the commercial vehicle industry has entered an era of open competition. He judged that the heavy truck market is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of million in the next three years

"in 2019, CIMC Lingyu achieved a growth rate of 30%. In the three-year performance, the growth of CIMC Lingyu exceeded the industry growth rate; in 2020, reform will become the main theme of CIMC Lingyu." President Liu said that in the era of advocating marketing experience, CIMC Lingyu actively pays attention to the updating and promulgation of industry and policies and regulations, takes the market and customer pain points as the starting point, makes layout in advance, and provides customers with more valuable products and services. "In 2020, under the guidance of new consumption, the eastern, western, Central Plains, North China and other places with orderly urbanization will still be the main battlefields of our struggle. With the continuous implementation of national environmental protection, super regulation and other laws and regulations, it will bring structural growth to the industry, and the standardization, intellectualization, cleanliness and lightweight of products will become prominent features. How to meet the diversified needs of the market and customers, and win the breakthrough battle of market segment transformation, Consolidating CIMC Lingyu's position in traditional markets such as mixer trucks and bulk trucks, making good plans for the future of liquid tank trucks, sanitation trucks and new products, and forming the advantages of combined products will be the main topics for all manufacturers to win competition and change the future. "

Mr. hubolin, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu and general manager of the marketing company, made a marketing report

in 2019, CIMC Lingyu was determined to forge ahead. Through the adjustment of sales personnel allocation, the improvement of marketing policies, the reserve of host resources, the expansion of distribution network and other measures, supplemented by strong support such as service upgrading, financial upgrading, and policy incentive upgrading, CIMC Lingyu promoted the steady increase of market share. At the meeting, Mr. hubolin, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu and general manager of marketing company, also "recruited" dealers in the report. "As far as engineering vehicles are concerned, they will face industrial trends such as the main engine plant dividing up the market segment of mixing vehicles, the proportion of dry mixed mortar vehicles in charge of single vehicles is relatively large, single vehicles and semi trailers coexist, the proportion of aluminum alloy semi trailers in plain areas is on the rise, and the proportion of mixing plant procurement has increased." He stressed, "2020 is destined to be extraordinary. Let's go all out, take user pain points, experience and expectations as the starting point, take the realization of the general sales target of 13000 vehicles as the vision, promote the transformation and improvement of marketing, products, manufacturing, management and cost capabilities, complete the upgrading of manufacturing technology, product design and management mode, and comprehensively improve customer satisfaction!"

American economist Bernd hmitt pointed out that experiential marketing redefines and designs the way of thinking of marketing based on the five aspects of consumers' senses, feelings, thoughts, actions and relations. The arrival of the era of experience economy has a far-reaching impact on enterprises, the most important aspect of which is the marketing concept of enterprises. In the face of the blowout growth of China's construction machinery market sales and the upgrading of user consumption demand, how to combine products, provide targeted high-quality services, and create a good experience for users is the future development direction of construction machinery marketing. The importance of user experience has been paid more and more attention by construction machinery enterprises. Facing the future, CIMC Lingyu has already planned a clear "course". "In the future, CIMC Lingyu will continue to innovate the marketing mode, tap the channel value, strengthen the viscosity with customers in diversified forms, improve the user experience, and truly enable the terminal to reflect the external conditions of the current experiment in the report!"

Mr. Bai Laicun, director of CIMC Lingyu product center, made a product report

product driven development. Mr. Bai Laicun, director of CIMC Lingyu product center, also introduced in the product report that jilingyu will promote product iteration through technological innovation, provide customers with unexpected products and services, and provide enterprises with the strength and commitment of sustainable competitiveness

Chang Guoqiang, director of CIMC Lingyu marketing department, presided over the meeting

on site of CIMC Lingyu 2020 business annual meeting

CIMC Lingyu product matrix was reviewed by all guests

in the branch venue in the afternoon, engineering vehicles, liquid tanker, overseas business, supplier branches were hot, "dry goods" were full. Off the site, the latest products such as concrete mixer trucks, powder tankers, liquid tankers and so on are majestic. The intelligent combination products with convenient use, efficient management, safe operation and high quality will become a new weapon for dealers to seize the market

rain or shine, work together. At the meeting, CIMC Lingyu especially commended the partners who performed well, and awarded the marketing meritorious service award, marketing meritorious service award and marketing contribution award, market breakthrough award, channel contribution award, friendship evergreen award, overseas outstanding contribution award, gold medal service provider award and other honors respectively. At this time, the motor promotes silicone oil, and it is expected to work with partners in the future to encourage vehicle enterprises to adopt mixed materials and deepen cooperation in vehicle design, Start together

commend excellence, start together

raise a glass to celebrate, create and share

the complex and volatile market environment, and the rapid technological innovation are as turbulent as the wave. Some of the construction machinery industry enterprises in it are as bright as the wave, and some are crushed by the undercurrent. Those enterprises that can stand the tide are those that never forget their original intention, actively seek change, and forge ahead with innovation. From a small container factory to a diversified multinational group with a scale of 100 billion, CIMC has always been in the same line with change, advancing towards excellence through its own solid struggle, and making unremitting efforts for CIMC dream and the Chinese dream

do not forget the origin, fearless journey, product driven development, change and create the future. The 2020 new journey has already started. We hope that CIMC Lingyu will continue to reap with sweat, move forward firmly with hard work, cut waves, and steadily advance to high-quality development with extraordinary "Chinese power" and "Chinese wisdom", do well, and forge ahead

Mr. liubaoshan, general manager of CIMC Lingyu (left), and Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager of China Construction Machinery Information

Mr. Hu Bolin, deputy general manager of CIMC Lingyu and general manager of marketing company, and Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager of China Construction machinery information, have a close group photo

group photo of CIMC Lingyu 2020 business annual meeting

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