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Fine tuning of processing trade policy "magnetic field effect" of manufacturing industry in central and Western China highlights

at the beginning of September, Nanning, Guangxi, held a grand launching ceremony of "Nanning (Shenzhen) undertaking industrial transfer and Eastern Industrial Investment Promotion Week" in Shenzhen. On August 4, a month ago, the Nanning party and government delegation, led by Nanning party secretary Ma Biao and Mayor Chen Xiangqun, first visited Shenzhen with the theme of "actively undertaking industrial transfer in the East"

on the other hand, the major chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, led by the principal officials of the Hong Kong commerce and Economic Development Council, and composed of the Hong Kong Federation of industries and the Hong Kong Chinese manufacturers' Federation, visited Chenzhou, Hunan Province on August 24. In addition, at present, the Hong Kong Federation of industry and other major chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong are organizing member enterprises to visit some cities in the central and western regions to find areas suitable for Hong Kong businessmen to transfer factories

for a time, the interaction between the East, the middle and the West suddenly became frequent. In fact, these frequent sizes have a direct impact on the deviation of the final results. The interaction goes straight to one theme: how to smoothly realize the "transfer of coastal industries and undertaking of mainland industries" after the official entry into force of Document No. 44 (catalogue of Restricted Commodities in processing trade) of the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs on August 23

in this regard, politicians and experts believe that under this background, the "magnetic field effect" of the processing and manufacturing industry in the central and western regions to undertake the transfer of coastal industries has become prominent

"policy feedback" is not only good

in the new policy, 1853 restricted goods have been added, and with 394 released before this year, 2247 restricted goods have been added. For these types of processing trade businesses, the State implements differential policies for processing trade in the East and the central and western regions. The products listed in the restricted catalogue in the East must be "transferred" - the deposit must be paid in full, while those listed in the prohibited catalogue are disqualified from being bonded and can only import products in general trade. However, class A and class B processing trade enterprises in the central and western regions continue to implement idle management without actually paying deposit

it can be seen that the new policy has obvious regulatory intention on the regional layout of processing trade. Therefore, some people in the industry believe that this is the state's "small stove" for the central and western regions

under the new deal, the financial cost of processing trade for enterprises in the eastern coast has soared. In order to reduce costs and maintain profits, many enterprises are planning to transfer their industries to the mainland

in fact, at the Symposium on the strategy of gradient transfer of processing trade to the central and western regions held in Xi'an last year, business showed the serious pollution caused by China's plastic recycling industry. Director Wang Qinhua of the Department of industry of the Ministry of Commerce made an important exposition on this, from which some sensitive people and media saw the clue at that time. The meeting also agreed that the transfer of processing trade to the central and western regions is imperative

although the new deal is considered by the industry to be the most powerful adjustment in China's import and export trade, industry analysis shows that it will play an unprecedented role in optimizing the regional layout of China's processing trade, especially the adjustment of industrial structure, as well as the transfer of processing trade in coastal areas, and the central and western regions to undertake processing trade and vigorously develop foreign trade

in fact, the gathering of processing trade tribes in the Pearl River Delta is also the result of the country's continuous policy preference for coastal areas that year. This time, the country takes advantage of the opportunity of foreign trade policy adjustment to "feed back the policy" in the central and western regions, which will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the micro decision-making of enterprises

central and Western processing and manufacturing industry: usher in the "first spring"

a recent survey by the Hong Kong Greater Pearl River Delta Commerce Commission shows that the adjustment of processing trade policies will affect about 30000 Hong Kong businessmen in the Pearl River Delta, and more than 10000 Hong Kong enterprises may stop production, shrink or transform, which has attracted great attention from the Hong Kong industry. The Hong Kong government and the industry have mobilized the whole people to jointly deal with the impact of the new deal on Hong Kong businessmen investing in Guangdong

in this context, some central and western provinces and cities also took the opportunity to attract Hong Kong businessmen to transfer to local investment. To this end, the central and western regions have frequently waved to enterprises in the East

Hunan is the first province in the central and western regions to throw out olive branches. In order to attract the transfer of Hong Kong funded enterprises, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province has submitted a six page proposal to the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, including preferential policies on tax, land, water and electricity. Hong Kong businessmen can obtain a two-year exemption from profits tax and a reduction in the next three years to promote the implementation of the concept of green manufacturing in the whole process of the product life cycle. If selected as zz91 information: advanced enterprises in 1998 will enjoy another three-year profit tax reduction of half. On August 24, the Hong Kong Federation of industries, the Hong Kong Chinese manufacturers' Federation and other major chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong have visited Chenzhou, Hunan Province

at the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, I learned that investment promotion activities in Hengyang, Chenzhou and other cities in Hunan will be performed frequently. Hengyang has participated in the 10th China investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen since September 8, 2007. In the second half of the year, three large-scale investment activities will be held, including the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer project docking project Fair held in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province on September, and the Hunan Guangdong Hong Kong Taiwan processing trade and Hunan three cities undertaking coastal industrial transfer investment Week held in Hong Kong on October

not only Hunan, but also the central and western provinces are showing their magic powers and frequently making new moves

in order to seize the opportunity of the transfer of coastal processing enterprises, Hubei Province has established six directional service groups, which will focus on attracting investment in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang and Fujian, welcome coastal enterprises to visit the province, and provide relevant information and contact services

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