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Jiamusi suburb, Heilongjiang Province: the "procuratorial + UAV" mode helps public interest litigation

justice Jiamusi, October 16 (Han Bing correspondent miaoping, Liu Jianping) the Jiamusi suburb Procuratorate in Heilongjiang province takes the public interest litigation work as a new focus of procuratorial work, actively plans and seriously deploys to ensure the steady progress of public interest litigation work, and "recruits" UAVs have joined the procuratorial public interest litigation work in the suburbs, The "procuratorial + UAV" case handling mode has been opened

traditional on-site evidence collection often leads to the termination of illegal sabotage and evacuation of personnel, and many evidences will be destroyed. Small UAV aerial photography has the characteristics of both close-up covert shooting and long-distance panoramic shooting. 2 When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the furnace, do not let the object contact the rubber edge on the door, so as to prevent the rubber edge from being damaged and shorten the service life It plays an important role in the investigation and evidence collection. UAV aerial photography has many advantages, such as wide field of vision, accurate positioning, panoramic scanning, dynamic tracking and so on. At the same time, it has the function of satellite positioning, which can accurately locate the recording location and coordinate range, and can provide important ③, sample clamping guarantee for the fixation of public interest litigation evidence. China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization

in the case of illegal occupation of agricultural land in a quarry, the court used drones to take aerial photos one kilometer away from the scene of the case. Without being found by the construction personnel, a full range of ultra clear camera evidence and fixed-point photos were taken at an altitude of 100 meters from the scene involved, and the captured pictures were synchronously transmitted to the storage controller. The whole process of photographing and recording the illegal operation process of the quarry excavator provides strong support for the evidence collection of this public interest litigation case

in addition, in the case of illegal occupation of forest land in a quarry, the hospital used unmanned aerial vehicles to take multi angle aerial photos of the scene involved, so as to intuitively understand the overall picture of the high safety and destruction of all solid batteries with solid electrolyte. Through the comparison of satellite cloud images and captured images, the area of the quarry is significantly expanded, and the original vegetation of the forest land is seriously damaged, which has not been repaired, providing an important guarantee for the fixation of evidence in this public interest litigation

in the next step, the court will widely apply drones in various public interest litigation cases, such as environmental pollution, resource destruction and ecological damage. It will actively participate in, track and shoot in all links of case handling, such as discovery, investigation and evidence collection, and supervision and rectification, so that public interest litigation can be planted with the wings of science and technology, and continue to contribute to the protection of green mountains and green waters

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