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Product analysis - mycomm CSM customer service management system

mycomm CSM customer service management system can be adjusted at any time as needed to meet personalized customization

the key to the successful operation of the call center system is to have a set of customer service management application system suitable for enterprise management systems and processes

Product Overview

protect laboratory personnel mycommcsm customer service management system is a set of customers developed and put into use by mycom company in 2006 Service and customer management platform software

mycommcsm focuses on what value it brings to the customer service department of industry customers, what problems it can help the customer service department or other business departments solve, and completely shield customers from paying attention to specific supporting products, hardware and other technologies

therefore, what mycommcsm provides to customers is not a system that can complete calls or multi-channel calls, but an application and business that can bring sufficient value to customers. It is a solution that is proficient in industry business, customer service center operation, and customer center profit. So mycommcsm is a completely user oriented industry solution

customer service management system

360 degree closed-loop management (CRM + work order system)

product advantages

customer service management system - rapid deployment and flexible adjustment

improve customer acquisition ability

all systems have been installed and deployed on cloud servers, and the enterprise can open corresponding services after paying

improve communication quality

no hardware investment, lease corresponding services according to actual needs, The initial investment is less

improve the processing process

the deployment scale can be flexibly adjusted according to the business development (but it is usually convenient to increase seats, and reducing seats needs to be handled after the expiration of the contract according to the contract)

improve the management level

the maintenance of all systems is the responsibility of third-party technical experts, Enterprises do not need to arrange full-time personnel to be responsible for

product functions

database tools DTS

unified interface management portal

fast and efficient code development framework SDK

Enterprise Application Integration EAI

business logic/modeling tools studio

form design

process engine workflow

reporting tools dataReport

database tools DTS

unified boundaries to move the aperture to the center of the field of vision Face management portal

fast and efficient code development framework SDK

Enterprise Application Integration EAI

business logic/modeling tool studio

form design

process engine workflow

reporting tool dataReport

applicable scenarios

need to sell services or products to customers

customer consultation problems are more professional, customer service personnel need to have strong skills

need to deal with a large number of customer sales Post consultation and complaint problems

need to evaluate the performance of customer personnel and improve the management level of the enterprise

the unique value of mycomm customer service management system

characteristic business development + third-party CRM integration

customer information management, simple daily maintenance records of work order login impact testing machine, distribution, complaint suggestions, knowledge base, SMS platform, consulting service, decision analysis, etc

detailed customer information management rich third-party system docking experience complete work order flow system can integrate intelligent technology and improve efficiency

customer service management system system features

custom work orders and custom workflows

the framework, plug-ins and components currently used can be continuously upgraded, updated and replaced after the system is online, without affecting the overall stability of the platform Reliability

using the nginx+tomcat+redis cluster scheme can support the concurrency of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users

based on Java development language, with strong portability. Based on CentOS linux+mysql database and other system open source software, it has superior cost-effective

single machine, dual machine to multi machine clusters; Data can be supported from 100000 to tens of millions, and single table data can be supported to tens of billions through cluster technology

mycom CRM is the flagship product of mycom company, which has complete independent intellectual property rights. Users can continuously obtain product upgrading services and update packages from mycom company

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