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Procon thermoplastic products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is about to open.

Procon thermoplastic products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which is invested by Procon thermoplastic products Co., Ltd. in Suzhou Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, will officially open on December 8. This is the first factory of Procon thermoplastic products Co., Ltd. in China. The total investment of the new company is US $1million

Procon was founded in 1996. Procon is one of the leaders in the thermoplastic packaging industry in the hardware, food, retail and pharmaceutical markets in the United States. Procon takes "better design, better mechanical and electrical packaging" as DD φ 34.10 dd φ 34.50 dd φ 35.00 dd φ 35.60 concept, design and manufacture novel packaging for customers, improve customer brand value and save finished products

China has increasingly become the center of the world's manufacturing industry, and Procon has become the first thermoplastic packaging enterprise in the industry to provide services on both sides of the Pacific. Procon has introduced a world-class production line, which is fully automatic from feeding to final cutting, and produces at a speed several times that of domestic ordinary machinery. Suzhou Procon will provide customers at home and abroad with American quality and competitive prices, which will bring new ideas to China's thermoplastic molding industry. This is the common equipment idea and new vitality of Zui in the plastic mixing laboratory, and create a new era for the domestic thermoplastic molding industry. The products are recognized as the main designated suppliers by world-famous manufacturers such as Geely, j&j and other world-famous enterprises

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