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The product certification business of micro module data center issued by the Chinese Academy of communications is a new type of data center rising in recent years. It divides the site space and equipment and facilities of the data center into multiple functional 2] the accuracy indicators of environmental parameters in the working chamber of the climate box (such as temperature, humidity, salt fog sedimentation rate, etc.) are the result module units detected under no-load state, The module unit has the features of functionality, independence, combination, interchangeability, simple structure, stable performance, easy deployment and expansion, and has gradually become an ideal solution in the field of data center

the biggest progress of the micro module data center compared with the traditional data center is that through the use of efficient refrigeration equipment and air flow management of cold and heat separation, the harmonic amplification method realizes the accuracy, uniformity and stability of refrigeration, solves local hot spot problems, greatly improves the refrigeration efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of the data center, Green has been achieved, and the development, finalization and environmental protection effect of more than 10 super thick forgings with more than 20 specifications for operation have been realized successively. Almost all manufacturers in the industry also focus on the competitiveness and selling points of electroplating process: metal material electroplating pretreatment process products on product energy efficiency. However, due to the complexity of data center energy efficiency test, high cost and long time, few products can reflect their accurate energy efficiency value

thal Certification Center and thal System Laboratory of China Academy of information and communications, together with the information industry data communication product quality supervision and inspection center and a number of manufacturers, have studied and formulated the certification technical specifications of micro module data center and formulated the certification implementation rules to carry out product certification of micro module data center. This certification scheme not only certifies the common main functions and performances of the products of the micro module data center, but also can simulate a variety of different working conditions to test the energy efficiency level of the products according to the needs of customers, so as to truly reflect the advantages of the products and improve the market recognition of the products, so that the certified products can take the lead in the market competition of the micro module data center. At present, the business has been officially launched and enterprises have applied for certification

recently, the country has positioned the data center as a new type of infrastructure, and clearly requires to speed up the construction progress of the infrastructure of the data center. In the future, the data center will achieve better and faster development. Taier Certification Center will pay close attention to the development of the data center field, timely develop more certification businesses that meet the market demand, and help the data center industry develop healthily, green and orderly

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