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Safety precautions for the use of trolley furnace

trolley furnace will be used in the heat treatment of gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, rollers, etc. However, if the trolley furnace is not used properly, there will be problems. What problems should we pay attention to in the maintenance of the trolley furnace

1. Operators must understand the following points of the trolley furnace before maintenance:

A. because of the environmental protection problem of protecting products with water in the early stage, the structure and performance of the electric furnace and its auxiliary equipment

b, layout of power distribution system and control system, location of safety devices, etc

c. the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standard operating procedures of plastic granulator equipment should be established and improved for operation process and safety

2. Preparation inspection:

a. check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal and whether there is phase failure, short circuit or bare wire

b. Check whether the contact at the wiring of the grounding device is good

c. check whether the heating element is damaged, whether the contact of each connection is good, and whether there is any contact with the furnace body and housing

d. check whether the temperature control system is abnormal

e. check whether the lifting of furnace door and the in and out operation of trolley are normal

3. Workpieces with corrosive, volatile and explosive gases are strictly prohibited from entering the furnace for processing, so as not to affect the service life of heating elements and refractory materials and cause accidents such as explosion

4. The electric furnace shall not operate at excessive temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened

5. The workpiece with too much oxide skin needs to be removed before entering the furnace, and can be brushed with a steel wire brush

6. The workpiece shall be stacked evenly, and the distance from the heating element shall be about mm

7. Barbaric operation is strictly prohibited. The workpiece should be placed gently to avoid impact

8. When using the electric furnace, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization, and must pay attention to whether the working condition of the electric furnace is normal at any time

9. When the electric furnace is loading and unloading workpieces, the power supply of heating elements must be cut off first to ensure the safety of operators

10. The oxides in the furnace (including under the electric furnace wire) should be cleaned frequently, at least once a week or five heats. Compressed air can be used to blow under the furnace floor

11. If the resistance wire is used with accuracy of level 1, it shall not be collided and bent to avoid fracture

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