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Safety problems and solutions for the use of special equipment

the so-called special equipment refers to pressure bearing, manned and hoisting equipment and facilities involving life safety and great danger, including 8 types of equipment, such as boilers, pressure vessels (gas cylinders), pressure pipelines, elevators, lifting machinery, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities, on-site (factory) motor vehicles, etc. Due to the wide range and large amount of use of special equipment, as well as its potential danger and the influence of use and other factors, it is very prone to accidents, and even cause mass casualties and major economic losses. Its safety status is directly related to the safety of the people and social stability

in recent years, especially since the large-scale special rectification action for the safety of special equipment has been carried out, a large number of defective equipment have been reported to be stopped and scrapped in various places and rectified within a time limit. Many hidden dangers of accidents have been eliminated in the bud, ensuring the safe operation of special equipment. However, there are still many problems in the use of special equipment, which should be paid enough attention. According to the situation in a certain place, the safety problems and solutions in the use of special equipment are briefly described

1. Existing problems

(1) among users and individual businesses, there are also legal blindness phenomena that "the equipment is owned by enterprises or individuals and can be used as they like, and the vehicles in the field (factory) operate in the hospital without going on the road, and no one can manage it", which do not accept supervision and use it according to law

(2) the safety management work of the user unit is chaotic, the safety production system is not perfect, there is no special equipment technical file or the technical file data is incomplete

(3) hire an illegal installation team without installation qualification to privately transform and install special equipment, and the installation quality is difficult to guarantee

(4) purchase special equipment without factory name, address, illegally manufactured or old equipment with incomplete procedures and serious potential accidents

(5) the equipment has no use certificate, does not register, register and apply for inspection in accordance with the law, and is used illegally without the acceptance and technical inspection of the quality supervision department, resulting in potential accidents in the equipment itself or in the installation process, resulting in accidents

(6) failure to apply for inspection on schedule during the use of the equipment, delay or even refuse the regular inspection by the inspection agency, resulting in the operation of the equipment with defects, and the hidden dangers cannot be found and eliminated in time

(7) use unlicensed personnel without training, assessment and qualification certificate to operate in violation of regulations. Due to non-compliance with regulations and improper use, accidents occur, resulting in significant losses to personal safety and enterprise property

2. Solutions

(1) government leaders at all levels should pay attention to the safety of special equipment, support the media to publicize the safety of special equipment, strengthen the publicity of the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China on work safety and the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment, improve the legal awareness, quality and safety awareness, safety development awareness of users or individuals and even citizens of the whole society, and create a safe environment for using special equipment according to law, The public opinion atmosphere of the danger of illegal use of special equipment makes the person in charge, safety management and operators of the equipment using unit know, understand and abide by the law, consciously accept supervision and use safely according to law

(2) the supervision organization should strengthen supervision and control the "three checks", that is, strictly control the access of equipment, installation quality and use of equipment. For the equipment that fails to meet the requirements of "three passes", the acceptance certificate is not issued, and the equipment is prohibited from use. Fundamentally change the chaotic situation of illegal manufacturing, installation, use and management, and block all sources of disaster without leaving a dead corner. The dereliction of duty and the perpetrators of special equipment safety accidents shall be administrated and severely punished according to law, so as to achieve the purpose of "never let go of the cause of the accident, never let go of the accident without handling it, and never let go of the employees without education", so as to achieve the purpose of warning education

(3) establish a dynamic supervision network for the safety management of special equipment with the joint interaction of supervision organs and grass-roots inspection institutions, establish and improve the archives and database of special equipment, and do a good job in the "three confirmations", that is, confirm the number and safety status of special equipment, confirm the number and certificate holding of enterprise operators, and confirm the establishment and implementation of the system of equipment users, so as to ensure that the number of special equipment in the whole region is clear, the situation is clear, and the data is new, Ensure safety and improve work efficiency. Give full play to social forces, jointly supervise the safe use of equipment, hire supervision and management safety officers, informants, CO supervisors, etc., and assist safety supervision and inspection institutions to discover and eliminate violations and various hidden dangers of accidents in a timely manner

(4) while emphasizing the enterprise's initiative to apply for inspection, the inspection organization should strictly control the safety and quality in the process of equipment manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance according to the principle of regional coverage, and the safety performance of the equipment after it is put into use, so as to provide technical support for the safe use of equipment. The equipment designed for this purpose by the Department is mostly titanium or titanium alloy or peek science. Scientific inspection, true records and accurate data shall be achieved to ensure the scientificity, impartiality and authoritative parameter setting of the inspection report, and to prevent accidents caused by lax inspection

(5) strengthen enterprise safety management, safety education and professional knowledge training and assessment of operators, so that they can understand the scope and characteristics of special equipment and the requirements of the state for the use of such equipment, improve their understanding of the dangers of special equipment, overcome their paralysis and fluke mentality, and make them become savvy people in safety management and experts in equipment operation. Improve the registration rate of equipment use, the employment rate with certificates and the regular inspection rate

(6) the top leaders of the using unit should earnestly implement the principle of "the first person in safety production", and achieve three implementations, namely, implement the management organization, personnel and rules and regulations, and incorporate the safety management of special equipment into the safety production management system of the unit, so as to ensure that everyone operates in accordance with the safety regulations, acts in accordance with the laws and policies, and achieves management in place, systems on the wall, people to people and operation in accordance with the law

(7) ensure the safety of the use of special equipment, consciously and actively purchase, manufacture, install, use, repair, transform and inspect special equipment according to the law, ensure that the use of equipment is registered with a use certificate, operators have a work permit with a certificate, conduct regular inspection and safe use, and check the root cause of the use of special equipment to ensure the safe operation of special equipment

to sum up, there are no trivial safety problems in the use of special equipment, and the user unit will receive a comprehensive review of the quality! The director must implement the main body of safety production, attach great importance to the safety production work, make great efforts to invest in safety facilities, update obsolete and aging equipment, increase training investment, improve safety operation skills, and ensure the safe use of special equipment. The quality and safety supervision department shall establish a long-term supervision mechanism to eliminate blind spots and blind spots without leaving dead corners. The technical inspection organization shall control the inspection quality, improve the technical guarantee ability of safe operation, firmly establish the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents in the use of special equipment under the conditions of ensuring the quality, cost and reliability of materials or products, eliminate major accidents, and create a good safety environment for the "safe development" of enterprises

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