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Safety precautions for boiler ignition and pressure rise stage

boiler ignition starts after all inspections and preparations before ignition are completed. The time required for ignition to cultivate industrial clusters should be determined according to the boiler structure, combustion mode and water circulation. The ignition method varies with the combustion mode and combustion equipment. As the boiler ignition and pressure rise have a direct impact on its safety, the following safety precautions should be paid attention to in the ignition and pressure rise stage:

(1) to prevent furnace explosion. Before the boiler ignition, combustible gases or other combustibles may remain in the furnace and flue. If you do not pay attention to removal, the mixture of these combustibles and air may explode in the presence of open fire. Oil fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, pulverized coal boilers, etc. must pay special attention to prevent furnace explosion. Before ignition, the induced draft fan should be started to ventilate the furnace and flue for 5min ~ 10min When the gas, oil and pulverized coal boilers are ignited, the air shall be sent first, then the ignited flare shall be put into operation, and finally the fuel shall be sent. If the primary ignition fails, the fuel supply to the furnace must be stopped immediately, and then the ignition can be restarted after full ventilation. It is forbidden to use the residual heat of the furnace for secondary ignition

(2) control the temperature rise and pressure rise rate. The pressure rise process of the boiler is closely related to the temperature rise process. As the temperature rises, attention should be paid to the thermal expansion and thermal stress of the drum and heating surface. In order to ensure that all parts of the boiler are heated evenly and prevent excessive thermal stress, the pressure rise process must be carried out slowly. At the same time, the expansion of all heated and pressure bearing parts shall be monitored, and measures shall be taken to eliminate uneven expansion. When the pressure rises to 0.2MPa, the bolts on manholes, handholes and flanges should be tightened

(3) closely monitor and adjust the indicating instrument. During the ignition and pressure rise process, the steam parameters, water level and working conditions of various components of the boiler are constantly changing. In order to prevent abnormal conditions and accidents, it is necessary to closely monitor various indicating instruments and control the boiler pressure, temperature and water level within a reasonable range. At the same time, all kinds of indicating instruments themselves have to go through the process from cold state to hot state, from no pressure to the advantages of our company's testing machine equipment, so it is very important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of indicating instruments in the ignition and pressure rise stage. When the pressure rises to different stages, experts should hold a pre meeting respectively, saying that the water level gauge and pressure gauge should be flushed, the sewage discharge device should be tried out, and the safety valve should be calibrated

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