Safety precautions for the use of pickling sling f

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Safety precautions for use of pickling sling for pickling and passivation

safety precautions for use of pickling sling for pickling and passivation:

1 It is not allowed to overload the use of lifting belts. When using several lifting belts at the same time, the load should be evenly distributed on several lifting belts as far as possible

w-d-c series microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine. When moving pickling belts and goods, there is no other reason that it is conditioned by the lifting guide wheel, and it is not about to drag

3 Do not knot or twist the pickling sling, and do not allow the sling to hang the goods for too long

4 Pickling sling without sheath is not allowed to carry goods with sharp corners and edges

5 When the goods stay on the pickling sling, the sling shall not be pulled out from the bearing state

6 If the environmental temperature (10 (3) 5 ℃) and humidity (relative humidity is not more than 80%) are checked day by day, and the pickling sling is used in high-temperature occasions or abnormal environments such as lifting chemical substances, it should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, and use

7 After the pickling sling is dirty or used in an environment prone to acid and alkali, it should be washed with cold water immediately

8 Pickling slings should be stored away from light and UV radiation. Some people are doomed to be troublesome. Slings should not be stored near open flames or other heat sources

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